rejuvenating old potting soil


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Rejuvenating Potting Mix

SERIES 27 | Episode 19

What to do when you have a heavy container full of spent potting mix, but don’t want to have to re-pot the whole plant or tip out the contents.


For a large pot – around half a square metre in area – add

  • A 50mm thick layer of fine compost
  • A handful of complete dry or pelletised organic fertiliser
  • Drench with enough liquid, organic fertiliser to thoroughly wet the entire pot


Josh Byrne

JOSH BYRNE: I reckon a couple of productive pots by the back door are a great addition to any household.

Here’s one that’s ready to replant, so I’m pulling out the old, tired lettuce, the roots too.

The potting mix is pretty tired, also but don’t chuck it out – you can rejuvenate it.

Potting mix like this is made up of structural components, like pine bark and coir, which is slow to break down. They give the whole thing body, aeration and good drainage. It also contains compost and fertiliser and this is the stuff that gets used up and the part that we have to replace before replanting.

First, I’m adding fine compost to about 50mm thick. Then a generous handful of complete organic fertiliser, which is enough for this 0.5 square metre surface area of pot. And then I’m mixing it through thoroughly.

Lastly, a good drenching with liquid organic fertiliser for nutrients and organic fines, and you can consider this potting mix rejuvenated and ready for replanting.

Josh shows how to put life back into potting mix ]]>