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Sour Diesel x Barberry Brute Seeds

When you bring home a pack of (GREEN)® Seeds you are bringing home some of Colorado’s Finest Genetics for the cultivation of Cannabis. Every good grower knows that they only way to cultivate potent, effective medicine is to start with the best possible strains. (GREEN)® Seeds were created to provide our customers access to premium quality Cannabis seeds. Each strain is hand selected based upon their look, flavor, yield, and effect. Sour Diesel is a well-known Sativa within the cannabis community; selecting a female Diesel cut to cross with a male Barberry Brute was an easy decision. Sour Diesel became popular because of its pungent, fruity fuel aroma, and energetic cerebral high. Barberry Brute is popular for its unique flavor, high yield, and increased resin production. This strain is easy to grow and will make a wonderful addition to either a new garden or an existing set-up. We currently have single seeds and 6-packs available. Inside each seed pack you will find detailed seed germination instructions. We recommend following these instructions carefully to ensure optimal health and development.

Lineage: Sour Diesel (female) x Barberry Brute (male)

Flowering Time: 65 days

Yield: Averages 100-120 grams per plant

About (GREEN)® Genetics: (GREEN)® Seeds proudly offer Colorado’s Finest Genetics by crossing The Green Solution’s most popular strains with a proprietary male that is hand selected for its high yield and resin production. We are committed to producing the finest quality seeds for medical and recreational consumers. All of our crosses are unique, vigorous, and stable. Our premium quality genetics are perfect for first time growers and experienced cultivators alike. (GREEN)® Seeds are sold exclusively through The Green Solution.

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