rootmaker pots review

RootMaker Containers – Round

RootMaker Round Pots are designed to create fibrous, non-circling root systems horizontally and vertically at all phases of production to equip plants for transplanting success. These products aren’t just “containers” but rather root production tools. Each step complements the next, building upon the previous fibrous root system. A fibrous root system means a greater root tip surface area and translates to a greater efficiency in the absorption of water and nutrients; an increase in growth rate, establishment, and vigor; a higher transplant survivability; and ultimately, superior performance.


  • Create a fibrous, non-circling root system, (without toxic chemicals)
  • Promote horizontal root branching
  • Greater efficiency of water and nutrient absorption
  • Accelerates plant growth, increases vigor
  • Compliments a variety of production methods above ground, in-ground, or, in-pot
  • Plants are equipped for rapid transplant success and long-term health
  • Researched and patented


    More Information

    Name RootMaker Containers – Round
    Brand Root Maker
    SKU 724780-0
    Alternate SKU/MPN WG8010-0

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    Root wrapping in containers is a serious problem as circling root systems are far from productive. In some cases, wrapped roots can actually kill plants. The RootMaker¨ containers do not allow the roots to wrap, instead, they direct the roots to air