Runtz Weed Seed

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Runtz strain

Runtz cannabis seeds by Seed Stockers is a feminized strain created by crossing two of the most outstanding strains on the American cannabis scene: the super-potent Gelato 33 and the famous Zkittlez.

The resulting hybrid is a potent indica with a 25% THC content – even more under optimal conditions. The Runts premium flower is an easy-to-grow cannabis plant that flowers in about 8-9 weeks (56-63 days). It produces ultra sticky, compact buds – and most importantly, lots of them. Use a high quality substrate where the roots can get enough oxygen and store water. Then you can expect a high yield of best Runtz Weed in both indoor and outdoor growing.

Runtz strain is perfect to produce hash and other concentrates

The effect is strong and oppressive. Excellent for making hash and other concentrates. The effect of the Runtz strain creates a high that is euphoric in the head and enormously calming and relaxing physically. It also shows a positive influence that is supportive in the treatment of anxiety and stress states and can also provide mild pain relief.


Welcome, Grower! Land in our feminized seed catalogue the new Runtz from PEV Seeds, brings together the best of the two most trendy American genetics, the Zkittlez and the Gelato. It will leave you speechless!

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The most remarkable thing about this cannabis is its incredible taste and aroma, its high resin production and the color it acquires in the flowering phase, which ranges from lime green to the purple of some phenotypes.

As a not insignificant fact, we find a THC concentration in its flowers higher than 27%.

What does Runtz cannabis taste like?

With regard to its terpenic profile, it is undoubtedly one of its main features. A delicious combination of fruity notes, with certain sweet caramel nuances, all combined with a tropical background that far from being out of tune, brings the finishing touch to a sensory experience that is difficult to describe. I recommend you to vaporize it to enjoy it to the maximum.

What can we say about its effect?

Its effect is very intense and relaxing, a combination between a fun mental psychedelia and a relaxing body that moves away the bad vibes and allows you to see life in the pink.

Growing Runtz is very easy, here’s some advice!

In indoor cultivation, always control the temperature between 20º and 26º C ( 68-79 ºF) , if it is above these values you could have problems. Its structure is certainly sensitive to fungal attacks, so when flowering starts, it is best to apply progressive pruning to open it up a little and allow light to enter the lower areas. With 2.9 US gal ( 11 litre) pots and 9 specimens per 3x3ft (m2), you can harvest between 15.8 and 19.4 oz per 3x3ft ( 450-550 grams per m2).

In outdoor crops, it is a plant that stands out for its robustness, it can withstand anything, although if you live in a very sunny and low humidity climate, this little lady will feel at home. Growing, so that it lacks nothing, add Top Veg from Top Crop, in my opinion the best growth stimulator in a quality/price ratio.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on one of the most trendy varieties in America.

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Data sheet and characteristics

Rates Runtz : 9 – Average Rating: 5 / 5

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Customer reviews Runtz

Jamaican Lambsbread

Hello Pev Team – I live near San Francisco, CA and am growing 2 Jamaican Lambsbread from your feminized seeds. they flowered early as I started them in a tent in February and then had to move them outside to start other plants and the light was too far away for the new seedlings with the Jamaican Lambsbread which was 2 feet high at that point. I revegged them using the gas lantern technique and now they are a bit bushy but otherwise look great!

I plan on transplanting them from the 15 gallon wool bags they are in now into a 50 gallon wooden planting box I got from a local gardening center but read the roots can attach to the side of the wool grow bag and the transplant might slow the growth of the plant when it is flowering. I planned to transplant them by cutting away the bottom of the bag, putting the plant into the wooden 50 gallon box and then cutting the sides of the bag away.

So my question is should I leave them them in the 15 gallon bag to avoid transplant shock during the flowering period which should start here in July, or do you think the transplant wont shock them as I will cut away the bags?

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Hello Redwood there should not be any problem since you will cut the bag and continue to grow freely, greetings.