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  • Date of Birth: 21/01/1984
  • Ethnicity: Latina
  • Height: 152cm
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
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Sativa Rose is a fully Mexican born beauty who made her way to pornstar fame from humble beginnings in Guadalajara, Mexico. While not too much is known about her days before becoming a porn model, she did pose for nude pictures before her film debut. A natural in front of any kind of camera, she always had a way of making people remember her and she initially went by the name Jezebel. When she started to work in porn movies she changed her stage name to Sativa and then still later added the name Rose to the end to complete her modern stage name. At the age of nineteen she had already done some research into the business of making porn movies and was eager to get busy making scenes. At only 5 feet tall and 99 pounds she is the essence of a petite Latina and has performed in that role in most of her movies. She has only one tattoo on her lower back and it is fittingly a rose design.

Always a very willing girl, Sativa performer her very first anal sex scene only a year into her career. From that point forward she would often appear in anal themed titles among the string of others mixed in for good measure. She would often change her hair color and style to keep her fans from feeling like she was getting stale. It definitely worked as she has had some very active and always supportive fans during her career. Her love of sex is not limited to men either and in movies like “No Man’s Land Latin Edition 5” from Video Team she shows her skills with pussy. Her performances have earned her several award nominations over the years including Best Three-Way, Best Oral Sex Scene, Best All-Girl Sex Scene and the coveted Female Performer of the Year.

Fans were sad to hear that Sativa Rose retired from performing in 2013 and hope that she makes a quick come back like so many pornstars do. To date she has appeared in more than 490 films and in many more scenes and photo-spreads. Porn Hub keeps a collection of her greatest HD scenes in it’s archive so find the one you like the best and bookmark it for your next visit.

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Sativa Rose


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Seemingly shy and very sexy porn star Sativa Rose, known for her seductive wide eyes and full, juicy lips, has been an instant hit ever since she hit the XXX scene in 2003. Debuting into the business just after her 18th birthday, Sativa says it didn’t take her long to figure out what she wanted to do for a living. She began her career by stripping and nude modeling; hardcore films just seemed to be the next step in the direction she was headed, and she now has nearly 100 features to her name. Currently she is still filming while keeping busy gathering her own material for a website. Be sure to keep an eye on Sativa Rose. She says she’s only planning on getting hotter and hotter.

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