seed cups

Eco Cup

An Eco Cup is a promotional plant pot that looks just like a takeaway coffee cup – but with a difference. Each branded cup contains soil and a bag of seeds – just plant and wait! Once the seeds have germinated and started to grow the Seed Cup can be transferred to a bigger pot or flower bed, ready to grow into beautiful plants.

Eco Cups are 100% compostable and made from sustainable pressed bamboo fibres. Each takeaway style cup is fulled with a special nutritional granulate and plant seeds. Choose from flowers, herbs and vegetables or specialist seeds like a Christmas tree or a lucky clover. You can even grow a miniature coffee plant in these stylish and promotional plant pots. The Eco Cup can even double as a pen holder once your plant has been rehoused.

Ideas for Marketing & Promotions

Seed Cup is a versatile branded product that can be used for a range of marketing & promotional uses:

  • An ideal choice for coffee brands and mobile baristas – a fun, eco-friendly giveaway to boost your brands green credentials and promote your business.
  • Perfect for food & drink brands – encourage customers to grow their own herbs & produce.

Custom-Printed For Your Business

Customise your Seed Cup to carry your green advertising message. Custom-print the sleeve, plant growth instructions (attached to the cover) using 4 colour printing. All printing uses eco-friendly soy and vegetable ink.

Choose from a wide range of plant seeds to fit your promotional needs. Seeds and growing instructions are always included as is expected germination time, botanical and common name of the plant.

  • Minimum order: 50 units
  • Dimensions: 10 x 8 cm
  • Weight:

150 gram

  • Material: Bamboo granulate
  • Customizing: 4 colour print
  • Lead time: 2-4 weeks
  • Seed Cup is a promotional plant pot that looks likes a takeaway cup but contains soil and a bag of seeds making it easy to throw and grow!