sfv og kush grow

Tips on growing SFV OG KUSH?


Tips on growing SFV OG KUSH

I got the cuts from PNC, said it was from cali connect (sfv og kush)

Any tips? Like top it or leave it alone?

Well be run in a UC system


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og is a food whore.. shit i give them 750ppm of nitrogen and calmag right when they root and go into my dwc system. then it gets bumped real fast to 1000ppm. when i switched this last run to 12/12 i was at shit i dunno 1250-1300ppm before even going into flower. and i will top them off at 2000ppm of bloom calmag and kool bloom. before my 3 weeks flush. and not a burn anywhere on the leaves or in the buds.. and let me tell you i got og kolas right now that are just under arms length and they are a true 3 weeks into flower. im talking insane og dank. hahahahahaa i take all my og at 70-75 days nothing earlier i like the weight it puts on those last 2 weeks. you can go from a 2 ounce plant to a 4 ounce plant in those last 2-3 weeks. trust me on that. rock hard dense as all hell lemon pledge pinesol kerosine smelling and tasting buds. ok lt me help ya a bit here.

i run dwc lucas formula as well. but i run 12X 5 gallon at one spot another spot i run 50X5gall and an old spot of mine we ran just under 200X5gal alll dwc. so i ahve some experience here. oh and all the grows were og and Chemdog D and Chemdog #4 and underdawg cut. so everything you said sounds great 600w co2 and all that jazz. start them off kinda chill until you notice they are growing once they get growing hit them good with nitrogen and calmag.. those are your friends with og. og is a cal mag whore. she will eat as much of it as you can throw at it. the longest possible veg and as much lst and topping or fimming or training you can do to get them to bush out. if you can set up a trelis and weave them through the trelis kinda like a scrog grow. og can be lanky if you dont stay on her with supercropping or lst. when she starts to stretch pinch the stem ie supercrop. this will cause her to branch out more. if you can veg them for 20+ days in a dwc you will have pretty large plants if you have the head space that is. but they will yeild killer for you f you can get them fairly big and bushy


Questioned from SoG

can someone please set me straight and give me a little hand here
i feel more confused now then i was before i started
trying to figure out the feeding regiment for my girls
i know we run GH 3Part and ditch the Gro and run with CaMg+ 5-15ml
then reverse the Lucas formula to 0-2-1
is that for Veg also, or veg remains 0-1-2?
how much Hygrozyme do i need to run?

is this still the sugested ingredients list?
Liquid KoolBloom
Powder Koolbloom
(i am running AeroNFT)

Thanks in advance

Swerve response

o yeah you have the right kinds of nutes..
you want 1 part micro- 2 parts calmag in veg. then when you get really close to bloom like the week before go 1 part micro 1 part bloom 2 parts calmag. then increase the bloom and decrease the micro throughout flowering til about week 6 then cut out the micro all together as the calmag has nitrogen in it still.. then increase the blooms ie koolbloom and rock and roll til flush

Tips on growing SFV OG KUSH I got the cuts from PNC, said it was from cali connect (sfv og kush) Any tips? Like top it or leave it alone? Well be run… ]]>