skunk breeders near me

Skunk breeders near me

Scientific Name: Mephitis Mephitis

General Information: Striped skunks are native to North America, and can be found in Northern Mexico, throughout the United States, and as far north as Central Canada.

They are primarily nocturnal animals. The average lifespan is 6 -10 years. Adult size is approximately4 – 10 lbs.

Diet: Our skunks are started out on a combination of Victor Beef & Rice and Exotic Nutrition Skunk Diet which we carry both in store. Once they are older they eat a mixture of fruits, vegetables and protein such as eggs, chicken, etc.

Price: $550.00 – $750 or $49.99 down and easy, low monthly payments are available if needed! For instant approval click here.

Availability: Taking reservations for spring / summer of 2021. Preorder yours now, CLICK HERE!

Permit Information: A free class 3 permit is required in the state of Florida. For information on how the permit process works or to apply now, CLICK HERE. Each state has different laws. If you live outside the state of Florida check with your local Fish & Wildlife first to ensure the animal is legal and obtain any required permit before hand. Not legal in AL, CA, GA and others. For species requiring a permit in Florida, we offer free assistance to Florida residents once the animal has been reserved!

Shipping: Can this animal be shipped? Yes! If you are unable to pickup at our store in Pensacola, Florida we are able to ship to your nearest major airport! For more information on shipping or a price quote, CLICK HERE!

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