snow high seeds

Snow high seeds

hey everybody. longtime off n on lurker back to on. appreciate all of you.

So I’m wondering wheres the best place too look or who has ran the most of snowhigh gear and can verify thats its as good as i hope it is. Unfortunately my friend has born the brunt of 2 bad snowhigh experiences due to my recommending him via seeing forums like this.

First time 2 packs of Kaleidosdope all came up and had great ratio of ladies but turned out hempy bunky. my friend has won cups and been growing for 15 years so it wasn’t him. It was shockingly disappointing. Not 1 good pheno.

2nd time which is happening now-ish is 70% of the devils tit and black maui he started never came up. Hopeful that the few that did come up turn out so well and make that 1st experience a forgotten bad dream. And just to add. my friend popped 9 year old seeds that his hightimes, skunk, cannabis culture, writing gf at the time gave him and they all came up. She got em via 1 of those magazines connects while she was vacationing in Argentina in ’11-’12. Got em from guys that owned a carnivorous plant store in case that rings a bell. Be amazing if those guys are on here site wise. They had written mangobiche, serra nevada. actually ill just link pics of baggies.

Anyways, I digress. Back to the original reason I’m writing.

I’m such a sucker for these yesteryear lineage strains. specifically special sativas.

I’ve read that if you contact Snow and tell him the deal he’s pretty good about balancing things out with some replacement seeds (though Kaleidosdope is a harrrrrd no thanks haha). and honestly I wouldn’t mind giving him that 3rd n final shot by even getting a few packs of his latest n greatest.

But before I narrow it down to what I want.

Anybody here run or know someone thats run snows gear in last year or so and loved it? I would like to do some research and figure out whats been through the real world ranks and came out on top with praise.

Like I said excited about the couple black mauis and devils tit that came up cause read some good stuff about em when searching. But I figure some helpful vouching for snowhigh from the community would definitely help out the cause for my buddy n I. Thnx in advance.

Oh and I know shit happens to the best of em. Heard stories of some of bodhis gear coming out hempy too. But I also heard of plenty of fire so.

And last thing. in my top 5 smoking experiences was in ’15-16 mr. Soul holding this “2 year cedar cured” spear of super silver haze that he said bodhi had just left at the booth. It was gorgeous golden maplesyrup looking. It smelled like true exotic incense even better then the Nigerian silk i used to have access to (enh the high wasnt for me) that held that bar up till. And the taste was infncredible–complex beyond. High as the sky as I walked after buying some soul gear (popped those just now too, apollo haze). So props to bodhi and Mr. Soul for making that happen. When you love ganja you know its some special shit to get into your top 5 experiences ever.

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