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Soma Seeds

Soma is a 57-Year-old Rastafarian man famous for his marijuana growing skills. Earlier on in his life, Soma worked for the multi-billion dollar company IBM in New York City, working in the mail department. At 18 he was introduced to the wonderful world of marijuana, and it’s been part of his daily life ever since.

In the early seventies, Soma began to grow his own cannabis after running his own vegetarian-based bakery and restaurant. This led him to have a better understanding of his diet and healthy ways to live. This way of living made him become more environmentally friendly and helped in his “green” marijuana growing techniques.

Soma’s outlook on life led him to develop a number of different interests that he wouldn’t have normally been involved with, and it helped open his mind to trying different things. He credited his use of marijuana to help him evolve as an individual, and he made it a part of his life in every which way he could.

The seeds of Soma Seeds reflect Soma’s ethos in every way. The catalog includes his creations that were bred with love and care, with a focus on quality and delivering his true vision of cannabis to those who would accept it. Be sure to check out what Soma Seeds have to offer!

Soma Seeds is the company of an old Rastafarian famous for his marijuana growing skills. The strains of Soma Seeds are available to buy at

Soma Seeds

Soma Seeds (also known as Soma’s Sacred Seeds) is an Amsterdam based medical cannabis seed-company owned by Soma.

Soma fell in love with the calm feeling marijuana brought to his whole being after his very first joint, which he smoked back in 1967, while working as a mail clerk at IBM in New York City.

Soma started growing cannabis in 1971 in southern Vermont. As he became more aware of his diet and gained a deeper knowledge of ecology and its effect on the environment, he made a decision to grow his cannabis in an organic eco-friendly manner. From that point on, he has been finding different ways to make his thumbs greener.

Soma Seeds became internationally famous after taking the 3rd place in the Indica category of 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup with his Reclining Buddha strain. His other famous marijuana strains include NYC Diesel (2nd place in 2001, 2003 and 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup – Sativa category), Amnesia Haze (1st place in 2004 and 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup – Sativa category), Somari (1 st place in 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup – Indica Category) and Buddha’s Sister (2 nd place in 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup – Indica Category).

Soma has quickly become an authority in biologically friendly marijuana cultivation processes. Soma Seeds is an earth friendly business striving to think ecologically in the products that they create. Soma is also a hemp loving cannabis breeder and writer for various respected cannabis publications. He has also written a number of his own books, detailing how to cultivate cannabis in an eco-friendly fashion.

You can buy Soma Seeds from Seedsman today and experience the fruits of the hard work put in by one man for the last 45 years. After all, any award winning strains that are packed full of flavour would be hard to turn down.

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