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Hi everyone. I’ve just finished the game 3rd times, and finished 1 legend run.
I’m write this walkthough to help you with legend run, and give tip to defeat each boss in the game.
Link to item list (not completed)
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About the Walkthough: This is not a step by step Walkthough, I only give the main idea of each build, and the battle in which people are stucked in with these build and ask for help.

Befor we start:
1. There are 2 bugs that make your legend run harder:
-If you sell item from page 2, the cost of your Item will be reduced. So you should sell item in page 1 first.
-If you attack to fast after evolve your skill, your attack will be canceled.
2. Don’t upgrade any items except your end game items.
3. List of legend run I’ve finish:
-Physic/Fire: Hard.
-Physic/Nature: Very Hard.

Items to get (I only count items that you can get in shop):
-Zone 0: Sunglasses (Shop)
-Zone 1: Sunglasses (Shop 0), Storm Cloak (Shop 1), Lucky Charm(Shop 1)
-Zone 2: Swift Blade (Shop 2), Gas Maks (Shop 2), Jungle Armor (Shop 2), Venom Oid (Shop 2)
-Zone 3: Ignition Mace (Shop 3), Impact Helm (Shop 3), Blast Suit (Shop 3), Heat Shield (Shop 3)
-Zone 4: Shattle Blade (Shop 4), Rogue Scarf (Shop 3), Thermo Shell (Shop 4), Survival Kit (Shop 4)
-Zone 5: Katana (Shop 5), Riot Headset (Shop 5), Static Plate (Shop 5), Surge Resistor (Shop 5)
-Zone 6: Katana/Assault Rifle (Shop 5/Shop 6), Phamtom Mask (Shop 6), Shadow Cloak (Shop 6), Mist Lantern (Shop 6)
-Zone 7: Sniper Rifle (Shop 7), Command Headset (Shop 7), Shadow Cloak (Shop 6), Mist Lantern (Shop 6)
-Zone 8: Sniper Rifle (Shop 7), Command Headset (Shop 7), Shadow Cloak (Shop 6), Oracle Orb (Shop 8) *I’m not really sure about this last zone, I’m just use the set that give highest speed.

Start with Physic strain:
Zone 0 to 2 is quite easy, I think you can finish them without problem.
-Skilllist: (Don’t upgrade these skill, you might upgrade Snap Kick if you want, but it will make Zone 3 and 4 harder.)
+Quick Strike
+Criple (Slow enemy by 30%)
+Regenerate (Good heal skill, dispel 1 debuff)
+Break (Stun with 4 cooldown)
+Drill Strike
+Snap Kick (Use to reduce cooldown of the skill you need)

Fire Strain:
-Skill list (At lvl 5)
+Heat Distortion: 59% Chance to increase critical strike chance by 50% (Fire)
+Phoenix Soul: Recover HP for critical strike (90% Power)
+Annihilation: Increase Power by 13%
+Fire Strike: 85% dame (58% chance for dame over time)
+Magna Beam: 125% dame (Reducing all def by 50% for 2 turns) 2 cooldown
+Sear: 144% dame (Burn) 3 cooldown
+Shell Shock: 181% dame (increase cooldown by 3) 4 cooldown
+Blast: 225% dame (Crit dame +120%) 4 cooldown.
+Flame Jet: 50% dame (Triple strike if previous skill is fire) 2 cooldown
+Envelope: 150% dame (Snare for 1 hits or 2 turns- reduce 80% speed) 4 cooldown.
+Blaze Aura: 112,5% dame (dispels all effects, use on ally to heal. Gain Blaze Aura (increase critical strike and hit chance)) 3 cooldown
+Barrage: 162,5% dame (all enemy) 2 cooldown.

-Problem: This build with be very hard at the end of Zone 6 and Zone 8. If you use Revive (by watching ads, this will be much easier)

-Ally: Veradux, Dr herregods (they don’t have area attack, you can try other ally but I’m not sure will it work.)

+Shell Shock (Stun and increase enemy cooldown by 3, 4 turns cooldown)
+Envelope (Reduce enemy speed by 80% for 2 turns, will be dispel if hitted)
+Blaze Aura (Heal or deal dame to enemy, dispels all effect)
+Annihilation (To incease dame)

-Set 1: (control and heal) This set will help you will most battle.
+Shell Shock(Fire)
+Envelope (Fire)
+Blaze Aura (Fire)
+Snap Kick(Phy)

-Set 2: (dame) Few battle need this build. You don’t have to respec as you already have these skill.
+Shell Shock(Fire)
+Envelope (Fire)
+Snap Kick(Phy)
+Drill Strike(Phy)

+Use Envelope to disable an enemy (slow the enemy speed by 80% will also make moss of their attack miss).
+Stun combo the enemy you want to kill: Shell Shock-> Snap Kick-> Break-> Shell Shock-> Criple/Drill Strike.
*Just keep doing that until you finish the battle.
+For boss, after you finish the Stun combo, cast Envelope on the boss and skip turn until you cooldown is low enough to do another combo (which end with cast Envelope one the boss again).

-Upgrade: Snap Kick

Nature Strain:
-Skill list (At lvl 5)

-Problem: This build depend badly on luck early on. Baron and Carbon 1st form is also really hard with this build.

-Ally: Veradux, Dr herregods (they don’t have area attack, you can try other ally but I’m not sure will it work.)

+Haze (Blind all enemy, 6 cooldown)
+Constrict (Reduce enemy speed by 80% for 2 turns, will be dispel if hitted, 5 cooldown)
+Ground Shock (Deplete enemy focus if crit, increase crit chance by 30% at lvl 5)
+Synthesis (To survive longer)

-Start: (you start whith these skill)
+Haze (Nature)
+Ground Shock (Nature)
+Cripple (Phy)
+Snap Kick(Phy)
+Expose (Phy)
+Drill Strike (Phy)

-End: (you swap to these skill at the end of the game)
+Haze (Nature)
+Constrict (Nature)
+Ground Shock (Nature)
+Break (Phy)
+Snap Kick (Phy)
+Cripple (Phy)
+Drill Strike (Phy)

+Start the combat with Haze.
+Use Constrict for the enemy that is dangerous but you can’t kill yet.
+Keep this combo on enemy that you want to kill: Break-> Snap Kick/Ground Shock(late game)-> Cripple-> Break
*Just keep doing that until you finish the battle.
+For Baron:
+For Carbon:
.Use Ground Shock-> Snap Kick-> Cripple-> Ground Shock-> Break (When he have more than 75% hp) and try to reduce his hp as fast as possible.
.When his hp is from 25% to 75% try to keep his hp at this area as long as possible to evolve your skill.
.When his hp drop under 25% try to kill him as fast as possible.
.Swap Constrict for Expose for both Carbon to kill them faster.
.These are good evolve for Carbon: Piercing, Erode, Bleed, Stagger.

-Upgrade: Ground Shock-> Snap Kick-> Cruelty

Note to all:
*Don’t kill Avatar of Justice (Zone 8) unless you have barrier on.

Note to Fire Strain:
*Barrier Evolution shield you for 2 turns instead of 1.
*One enemy at Zone 6, and Sniper at Zone 7 have skill with 100% hit (and it also deal large amount of dame, Envelope can’t be use to disable them.)
*Many battles of Zone 6 require Set 2.
*Boss Battle of Zone 7 require Set 2.
*The Battle of Zone 8 (2 battle Before last boss require Set 2 or powerful items, so that you can kill the enemy in the middle fast enough).
*1st Form of Carbon is the Hardest battles, his speed is as high as you and he can 1 shot you, I haven’t found a perfect solution yet and in my playthrough, I have to try 4 times with 2nd build.

*Note to Nature/Physic: Zone 6 Mission 8 is really hard. It took me 6 tries with difference set and require luck to pass. (Haze, Break, Snap Kick, Cruipple, Constrict, Ground Shock,. Drill Strike,Expose) Pass 1st wave with 1 allies die. At 2nd wave, the 2nd allies die right before I can kill the enemy with poison skill. I pass the game with about 1/4 hp left.

*Note to Carbon 1st form: I will write detail about this boss later as his skill is really anoying. (75% hp+ increase def, 25%hp- increase power)
Nat/Phy:Break, Snap Kick, Cripple, Ground Shock, Drill Strike, Cruelty, Expose, Regenerate.

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Evolution (Sonny 2017)

This is not to be confused with Strains, where Sonny gains an entirely new ability set when gaining another strain.

In Sonny 2017, Sonny gains the ability to temporarily evolve abilities so that they have additional effects after filling the evolution gauge. This gauge only fills when Sonny takes an action – he will not fill it when skipping a turn or when he is stunned; likewise abilities that hit multiple times (either the same or different targets) will fill it quicker.

Only active abilities can be evolved (passives cannot), and each ability can only have one evolution’s effect at a time. When attempting to evolve an ability, Sonny will be presented with 3 options to choose from; at this point Sonny must choose one of them, regardless of how undesirable they might be. Evolving an ability does not force you to use said ability, it does not take up your turn, and you can evolve an ability that is on cooldown.

Evolving abilities with evolutions that have the same effect as the ability’s native effects effectively wastes the evolution – they do not stack. (eg. Evolving Wound with Bleed does nothing. Note that evolving Regenerate with Life Link, or Quick Strike with Rapid Strikes does work, and the effects will still apply.)

Evolution choices vary from skill to skill and new evolution choices are unlocked with new strains.

Different evolutions can augment different abilities. This all depends on their ‘criteria’, based on what the ability does. For example, Rengerate cannot be augmented with Bleed for obvious reasons, nor could Quick Strike be augmented with Nourish.

Physical Strain Evolutions (Universal) Edit

Opening Gambit: Deals double damage to targets with full HP.

  • Combine with strong attacks for massive damage, and potentially one hit kills.

Final Hour: Gain 100% power on targets with less than 50% HP.

  • Great to finish off weakened enemies.

Desperation: If your HP is below 50%, this ability gains 100% critical strike chance.

Precision: Increases hit chance by 100%.

Sharpen: Increases this ability’s critical strike chance by 50%.

Impact: Increase this ability’s critical damage by 100%.

Rapid Strikes: Critical strikes with this ability also restore 30 Focus.

  • Preferably added to abilities that have increased critical strike chance, can multihit, or recover Focus.

Stagger: Each hit also reduces the target’s focus by 20.

  • With the right setups, you can essentially prevent a target from ever taking their turn.

Fury: Gain an additional strike, but reduces damage by 50%.

  • While this may look useless, it actually allows the ability to proc on-hit effects multiple times, not to mention filling up the evolution gauge faster.

Diffuse: Hits all targets, but increases cooldown by one turn and reduces power by 25%.

  • Wasted on abilities that already hit all targets. Is great in conjunction with abilities with useful effects, like Break and Regenerate.

Bleed: Apply Bleed (extra damage when hit) to the target.

  • It basically gives the ability the effects of Wound.

Erode: Apply Breach (reduced defense) to the target.

Weaken: Apply Weaken (reduced power) to the target.

  • Weaken: Power reduced by 50%. Lasts 2 turns.

Silence: Silence the target’s previous ability for 2 turns.

  • Basically increases the target ability’s cooldown by 2 turns.

Barrier: After using this skill, gain Shield (Gain 100% damage reduction for 1 turn).

  • While Barrier does block all incoming damage, it does not block effects (although some effects that affect damage are essentially negated, like Bleed and Expose). That being said, the AI will not target a Barrier protected unit with an attack, mostly rendering the point moot.

Life Link: Gain 65% of damage or healing back as HP.

  • Sonny will gain the health from the ability used, and thus this evolution has a myriad of uses. For example, Sonny could use Regenerate on an ally, and heal himself at the same time. Enemies with lots of health and low Defense can be used as a healing machine. Likewise, this evolution is wasted against enemies with high defense, or on allies with incoming healing severely restricted.

Nourish: Apply Regen (healing each turn) to the target.

Empower: Apply Empower (gain power) to target.

Haste: Apply Haste (increased speed) to target.

Prepare: Reduces the max cooldown of this ability by 1 turn.

Amplify: Increase the power of this ability by 30%.

Resonance: Gain 75% extra elemental power after using this ability.

Iron Will: Gain 50% defense as power.

  • Quite useful on defensive builds, as it allows the conversion of defense into power.

Consume: Killing blows also restore HP equal to 200% of the damage done.

  • Combine this with powerful Abilities for massive healing; remember that the damage done can exceed the health of the target.

Fire Strain Edit

Apocalypse: Increases power by 100%, and cooldown by 2 turns.

Shadow Strain Edit

Dark Torrent: Gain Haste (30% increased speed) after using this ability.

Frost Strain Edit

Fragile: Target is de-buffed to receive 100% extra damage from critical attacks.

Lightning Strain Edit

Static Power: The ability gains 50% extra power if you are affected by a lightning buff.

This is not to be confused with Strains, where Sonny gains an entirely new ability set when gaining another strain. In Sonny 2017, Sonny gains the ability to temporarily evolve abilities so that they have additional effects after filling the evolution gauge. This gauge only fills when Sonny… ]]>