sour tsu x cat kush

Sour tsu x cat kush

ive been smoking for medical benefits for about 16 yrs. i have memory and focus problems from a coma i was in as result of a house fire when I was young. i also have multiple bulged discs in my back and bone spurs in my neck. i deal with anxiety and ptsd on top of it all. This has been by far the most beneficial strain i have smoked to date. Definitely something i would recommend!

I am a seizure patient with brain damage. One hit and I looked like I had stroked again.. It does not work for migraine and is detrimental to those with brain damage.

The best thing I’ve found so far to counteract the effects of what is supposedly connective tissue disease. I’ve also been diagnosed with SIBO, IBS, and gliotoxin.

this is my go-to. I always have this around, helps with the fibro pain, pain from my recent back surgery, and mental health. I highly recommend this.

Sour Tsunami X Cataract Kush is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain that is highly medicinal thanks to its super potent 12-13% average CBD level. In combination with its minimal 1-8% average THC level, this high CBD potency will minimize the effects felt by Sour Tsunami X Ca…