space cadet strain

Space cadet strain

my boi lil mayo gave me sum and then i 420ed with him. thank u

Best weed I smoked in a while! 2 ripps and gone for 4-5 hrs , love it Dawgs find some if u can

So i buy wholesale so i cant really say anything about the price however i have smoked a lot of it and it gives me a really mellow high like i feel super chill and just awesome. it doesn’t really give you a high like other weed were u can feel it like the high where u are like oh shit im high no this is more of just oh shit im really mellow and so if u can buy it i totally would give it a try its one of my favorites.

Space kush, also known as alien kush, a an extremely potent cross between the Alien Dawg strain and the LVPK. This makes the strain an indica dominant hybrid. It had high THC, CBD and CBN levels of 24, 0.69 and 0.53 percent, respectively. This strain provides a cerebral high that feels extremely … ]]>