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Advanced LED Powered Aeroponic Gardens

123 WeGrow AEP-601 & 301 Self-Contained Hydroponic Grow Kit With Full Spectrum LED Lights. Low power consumption, high yield hydroponic grow kit.

Sun Spot 12500 LED Grow Light

125W LED Grow Light


The AEP Grow Light is the most affordable and the most cost effective LED grow lighting system on the market for any indoor garden space.

The AEP Grow Light is one of the coolest lights available. This high quality LED light generates very little heat and is always cool to the touch. Indoor growers enjoy a considerable savings on their energy bill. These self-cooling lights also eliminate the need for expensive air conditioning, fans and other cooling systems. This alone will save indoor growers thousands of dollars each year.

Cleaning LEDs is easy, simply wipe down at any time, ensuring you get 100% light transmission for your harvest 100% of the time.

The AEP Grow Light is long lasting and it will glow brightly for many, many years without dimming, regardless of how long you keep your lights on each day. Not having to replace your bulbs can save you another $500 to $600 each grow cycle. Bottom line, this light pays for itself 100 times over.

The APE Grow Lights are light weight and ergonomic. Installation just takes a screw in your ceiling and you are ready to grow.

Hydroponic, Low Energy, Low Cost & Greater Yield

Our no heat, high power LED grow lights allow you to build and operate your hydroponic system with greatly reduced energy costs. Our advanced LED diodes are significantly more efficient than diodes found in other LED grow lighting systems, enabling us to produce more usable light power while drawing much less wattage and therefore produce little to no heat. These lights yield considerable energy savings over other grow lights. Whether you are growing tomatoes in your basement or making the most out of a small room in your house, AEP Grow Lights will help you create the ideal growing environment for any type of plant, herb, vegetable, fruit or flower that you are growing indoors.

AEP Grow Light Facts:

  • The AEP grow lights was designed based upon the principles developed by NASA to grow plants in space. Our lights do not simply use blue and red spectrums of light but use a full spectrum of light which NASA determined was needed for healthy plant growth. With the addition of added spectrums of light our lights produce a whiter light that is beneficial for growth and vegetation.
  • We use the most advanced LED diodes on the market Our advanced diodes are significantly more efficient than diodes found in other grow lights enabling us to produce more usable light power while drawing less wattage than LED grow light fixtures that draw much higher wattage.
  • We designed our grow lights to operate with precise efficiency. No external fans or other heat dissipating devices are required. The low wattage, low heat aspect of these lights yields considerable energy savings over other LED grow lights.
  • Our design integrates the necessary light waves required for both growth and flowering/vegetation.
  • The AEP Grow Light is designed to produce high yields. Most LED grow lights focus on creating maximum light and PAR readings directly underneath the middle of the light in the center of the grow area ignoring the entire grow space. The center reading would be relevant if only one plant was being grown. Our light is designed to provide the highest PAR readings per watt through the entire grow area; not just the center of it. Due to this design we can accomplish a REAL grow area of 4’ x 4’.
  • Our 4’ x 4’ grow area permits multiple plants to be grown at once using just one of our grow lights. We can easily grow up to 12 plants at one time using one light fixture costing $895.00 which makes the very important cost per plant yield significantly less than comparable LED grow lights costing $1,200.00, $1,400.00 or even $1,600.00 !!
  • The AEP Grow Light is a true “plug and play” – simply take it out of the box – attach the chains which are included to any hook, set it at your desired height, plug itin and you are growing.

Cost Calculator


Based upon the 100W AEP – usage at an average of 12 hours per day over the course of a year and based upon an average of .21¢ per kilowatt hour.

AEP Light – 0ne (1) 125W LED grow light needed to grow 12 plants = $100/year

Four 90W – UFO Grow lights needed to grow 12 plants = $330.00/year

Two 200W – _____ Grow lights needed to grow 12 plants = $367.00/year

One 400W – _____ Grow lights needed to grow 12 plants = $367.00/year

One year savings using one (1) AEP LED grow light is between $230.00 and $367.00 over other grow lights needed to grow 12 plants.

125W LED Grow Light

The 9 Best Grow Lights of 2020

Mimic the sun’s rays with these top picks

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Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here . We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Keeping plants alive and helping them flourish can be hard as is, but growing things indoors is even more tricky. You have to give them enough—but not too much—water and make sure they have enough soil and a large enough pot. Aside from that, one of the most crucial factors of growing plants inside is light.

Positioning your plants in front of a window where they can drink up natural sunlight is ideal. But as you probably know, this is easier said than done. Whether your window situation is less-than-sufficient for plants or you live somewhere that only gets sunny a few months of the year, a grow light is an excellent solution.

Want to flex your green thumb inside? Here are the best grow lights to help your indoor plants live their best life:

Best Overall: Roleadro LED Full Spectrum Grow Light

The best overall option is the Roleadro LED Grow Light. Thanks to the brand’s proprietary spectrum with 460 to 465 nm, 620 to 740 nm, and a 6,000 to 6,500 K waveband, it provides indoor plants with a diverse range of light. This helps promote growth and allows even the most delicate, tropical plants and flowers to not only grow but bloom year-round. You can also grow seasonal vegetables and herbs in the winter, spring, summer, or fall.

This 75-watt grow light also has an aluminum cooling plate to effectively dissipate heat, even on the highest setting. It comes with hanging brackets and is easy to set up. You can put it together in about a minute and hang it from almost anywhere in your home.

Best Bulb: GE Lighting BR30 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants

You can also get special bulbs for growing indoor plants, like the GE BR30. This full-spectrum bulb offers high-quality lighting that encourages houseplants, indoor gardens, cacti, and flowers to flourish every month of the year. Unlike some other grow lights that produce harsh lighting, it provides soft, natural illumination and warmth.

The GE BR30 features innovative LED technology, which allows it to last for 25,000 hours (or about five years) and use only 9 watts of energy. With a balanced light spectrum designed for seeds and greens, you can grow herbs, lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, and other vegetables right in your home.

Best LED Bulb: Haus Bright LED Grow Light Bulb Original

The best LED bulb for indoor plants is the original Haus Bright LED Grow Light Bulb. Compared to others in its category, this bulb is notably bright with full-spectrum power.

Though it’s a little more expensive than the GE option, it produces 1,200 lumens of brightness and 140 micromoles per second while only using 20 watts of energy. This LED bulb provides adequate, nourishing lighting for houseplants, bamboo, cactuses, succulents, flowers, tomatoes, vegetables, and seed starts, no matter how cold or dark it is outside.

Best Mounted: Feit Electric Dual Full LED Plant Grow Tube Light

Looking for something you can mount? Your best bet is the Feit Electric Dual Grow Tube Light. This grow light is lightweight, durable, and easy to install. It arrives fully assembled and can be hung or mounted flush against your ceiling or walls. Designed to mimic natural sunlight and work as a replacement for traditional greenhouse bulbs, this product delivers.

It emits 450 nm of blue light and 655 nm of red light, the perfect combo for indoor gardening. The blue encourages the growth of tall, leafy plants and vegetables, and the red promotes budding, fruiting, and flowering. Plus, it has a low heat emission, which prevents burnt leaves and reduces your electric costs.

Best Hanging: Soltech Solutions Grow Light

The Soltech Solutions Grow Light is an aesthetically pleasing hanging lamp. It has a 15-foot fabric cord and comes with an LED bulb, three ceiling hooks, two wall fairleads, and a swag hook. Choose from either white or black, both of which offer a chic, minimalist vibe.

You can get this grow light in size small (5.8 x 3.8 inches with 2,000 lumens) or large (7 x 4 inches with 4,000 lumens). The lamp provides sufficient lighting for houseplants of all sizes and varieties, and it lasts for 15 years.

Best Desktop: TorchStar LED Indoor Garden Kit Plant Grow Light

If you’re looking for something for your desktop, check out the Indoor Garden Kit from TorchStar. It’s just under 20 inches tall and comes with a 7.3-inch glass hydroponic pot, which you’ll fill with water instead of soil. The bulb emits an ideal combo of blue and red lights to nourish orchids, tropical flowers, water lilies, tomatoes, indoor plants, seedlings, herbs, and mushrooms.

This lamp has two settings: plant mode and lamp mode. When set to plant mode, it helps your indoor flora absorb nutrients and grow, while lamp mode gives you the option to just use it as a desktop light.

Best for Herbs: TorchStar Plant LED Kit Indoor Herb Grow Light

The best option for herbs is also from TorchStar. With full-spectrum solar simulation, the LED Plant Kit provides both the right lighting and a container for growing herbs indoors. Mimicking natural sunlight, it illuminates for 16 hours a day and then turns off for 8 hours at night.

This herb grow light measures 19.9 x 2.2 x 14 inches. It’s the perfect size to place on your windowsill, desk, kitchen counter, mantle, dresser, or side table.

Best Adjustable Spectrum: iPower 10W Dual Head LED Grow Light

The iPower LED Grow Light has two flexible gooseneck arms and two light heads. But the rotatable necks aren’t the only thing that’s adjustable on this lamp. It has three light modes (red, blue, and a red/blue combo) and 11 dimmable settings. The smart timer allows you to set it to turn off after a certain amount of hours, and then turn on at the same time the next day for a 24-hour cycle.

Like the CFGROW lamp, this grow light has a large mounting clip, which you can attach to a desk, table, shelf, or any other slim ledge. It comes with a USB cable and plugs into standard outlets.

Best Desk Garden: AeroGarden Harvest Elite with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit

Are you in the market for a desk garden? If so, we think you’ll love the AeroGuard Harvest Elite. The high-performance 20-watt LED light provides full-spectrum rays for growing a wide range of herbs and veggies. We’re talking mint, basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, sage, and dill.

With a sleek design and an LCD control panel, it looks almost like a high-end countertop kitchen appliance. The Harvest Elite comes in light green, white, black, or a stainless steel finish. At just 11 x 8 x 15 inches, it’s the perfect size for a tiny desk garden. The kit also includes seeds for six different herbs—and since they grow in water, you can get started right away.

Our top pick for grow lights is the Roleadro LED Grow Light (view at Amazon) due to its unmatched waveband emission. If you want a complete indoor garden kit, opt for the AeroGarden Harvest Elite (view at Best Buy), which comes with a starter pack of seeds.

Size When deciding what size grow light you need, think about how many plants you’ll need to cover. Also, if you’re planning to move your light from place to place, you may want something lighter and portable, whereas if you know it’s going to stay put, that may not be as much of a factor. Also, consider the space where you plan to put it and make sure there’s room for it to operate safely and not up against furniture, drapes, or other items.

Type There are various types of grow lights to consider, from panels to ones than hang overhead or screw into a regular light fixture. The type of plants you have, the amount of existing natural light, and where your plants are located will help you narrow down your choices.

Ease of use From installation to keeping them operating properly, some grow lights require more effort than others. Also consider how much noise a grow light makes, particularly if it’s going to be placed in a busy area.

The best grow lights will support your indoor garden to achieve maximum growth. We researched the top options for making your garden light up.