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Squirt (Strain Review)

This cannabis flower was purchased at Next Level Wellness in Eugene, OR in early November 2019

What we know: There is really only one informative link about this strain that describes the effects as uplifted & functional with a body buzz. One of the parents, Tangie, is a beloved sativa known for being uplifting & clear-headed.

First Dose: Small dose (.045g smoked in a glass pipe – about one solid hit)
At 3 minutes, I noticed slightly de-focused stimulation behind my eyes. A couple mins later I now have full body glow and a tendency to space out. My eyelids are drooped and I’m feeling stoney. I step outside and things look a bit dreamy, I’m enjoying staring at various trees and watching them sway in the breeze. There’s a little pressure at the front of the face.

Overall I’m just feeling pretty mellow with a little calm mental activation that is good for doing tasks around the house. I get hungry and enjoy some fruit. I am focused on the present moment and my senses seem enhanced. After an hour, I still have a relaxed body with some mild stimulation behind the eyes.

Final Thoughts : This is a good evening strain, providing relaxtion with some uplifted calmness. Squirt provides a warm body glow while gently placing you in the present moment.

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One comment

Got some of this a while back. It is lovely and your review is spot on with what I experienced. I felt it was also great socially at the end of the evening – talkative and fun but left me sleepy and ready for bed.

Squirt provides a warm body glow while gently placing you in the present moment. ]]>