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Siskiyou Training & Employment Program, Inc.


Siskiyou County Job List -10.23.20.pdf


Siskiyou County Job List – 10/23/20

Siskiyou Training & Employment Program, Inc.

As we wind down the final days of closing our office, we would like to share a powerful post from one of our STEP retirees.

Our mission was to always put our clients first and to make a difference in the … Ещё lives that we served. To say we miss you all is an understatement, Siskiyou County!

A final thank you to our incredible community and all of our staff, past and present. You made a difference!

Sandie Paskill Brack

Today I walked out of the doors of Siskiyou Training & Employment Program, Inc. for the very last time, with tears in my eyes. I started work there in 1992 until I retired in 2013, and I have volunteered there since then, until I returned in March to help them close down their operations. When I started in 1992, I was an outsider, a 926er, not … Ещё quite a flat lander, but everyone there became like a family. I am truly blessed to have met and friended such a fantastic group of people and I will always cherish their friendship. They have all given so much to their community and helped so many people over the years and it is such a sad situation that they are no longer able to continue to serve… Ещё

Siskiyou Training & Employment Program, Inc. Отметки "Нравится": 534. STEP has been the Employment and Training Provider in Siskiyou County for over 35…

STEP Siskiyou Training and Employment Program Unemployment Office 96094

This Weed unemployment office is located at 190 Boles Street Weed California 96094. If you recently lost your job or have had your hours reduced, you may be able to file for California unemployment benefits. Each state has their own application process. If you have questions or issues with filing your claim, then STEP Siskiyou Training and Employment Program may be able to assist you. Use the contact information listed on this page to call this office and see if they can help you. It is important that you file your CA unemployment claim right away so you do not risk delaying the application process. This Affiliate One Stop provides other services as well, they are listed below:

  • File Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claim
  • Learn how to start your own business
  • Improve your current job skills
  • Receive training in new job skills
  • Get help in preparing for job interviews
  • Find out about job openings
  • Get help preparing your resume

There are other resources available to you if you could not get assistance at this Weed unemployment office location in California. You can visit the government department website. The California Employment Development department handles unemployment benefits for this state. You can find information on how to file your initial claim, how to file weekly claims, what the eligibility requirements for CA unemployment benefits are, what information is needed when applying, how to appeal a decision and more. To find out how to access their website, check the California unemployment department page.

Veterans reps, employment reps, phones, free internet & resume writer access computers are on site. Representatives are available with an appointment. Fully range of jobseeker and employer services. Job listings, Resumes, business services, WIOA training, workshops, human services access, tutorials, typing tests, unemployment access, internet access

    Unemployment Office Location

STEP Siskiyou Training and Employment Program
190 Boles Street
Weed, CA 96094

You can call the Weed unemployment office location at 530-938-3231. You can fax them at 530-938-2890.

Hours: Monday – Friday 9am-4pm, Closed daily 12pm-1pm
Except on Federal Holidays

Get the contact information for the unemployment office STEP Siskiyou Training and Employment Program located in Weed CA.