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South Park Wiki Guide

You wake up after having been abducted by aliens. Mash A to clench your sphincter. It only works so well, as you now have an alien probe in your butt. After breaking free, use the anal probe to warp yourself outside of the force field you’re stuck in.

Head outside, and you’re stuck between two barriers. Use the anal probe to get to the right side, and fight the aliens. Take them out and loot their bodies, then move further to the right. Find an elevator, then use the probe to make the elevator work. Aliens are weak to electricity, so use some electric patches on your weapon for max damage.

Once through the elevator, warp over to the floating platform in the middle. Use the computers here to move the platforms above and below you to the left. Once they are both moved, warp to the bottom platform, then warp so you are in the tube below. Fight off the aliens then move to the right. Interact with the console. It’s basically like playing a game of Simon. Follow the pattern of button presses. This will extend a bridge back over in the main room.

Loot the area, then warp back up to the top platform that you moved. Warp up to the level above the big room you were in and clear out the aliens up here. Interact with a computer console, and a door on the left will open up. Go in there and interact with THAT console for another Simon-esque segment. Good luck getting past it, haha. Once done, head back towards the elevator, but go over the bridge and through the door you just opened. Prepare to fight. Remember, as Randy says, to use electricity.

Many users are reporting issues with the button mashing during the anal probe scene on PC and PS3. A fix for the PC version is to plug in a 360 ]]>