sticky fingers gets fucked by purple haze

1-800-GOTH-SIMP — sticky fingers can definitely smash 🥵

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.


(or Cape, or That weird Stand fucker, or whatever you’d like, I’m not picky.) [She/Her] Feel free to shoot me requests/confessions!

Anonymous asked:

sticky fingers can definitely smash 🥵

Yes he can. He got lips to kiss, hands to hold, and he fUCKS

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doppis asked:

It’s me, I’m every other hoe.

The two of them are having a great time, lifting you effortlessly to do what they wish, arms removed neatly and placed aside long ago

I think if Sticky Fingers zipped your mouth shut, Moody would tease you about it, replaying your own voice back to you, your whines and moans echoed back with a tinny ‘blown speaker’ effect, glitched out by the multitasking attention from the stand causing you to be so loud

Anonymous asked:

This was gonna originally go a different direction, but then the ‘Bruno is super weird’ post came around on my dash and I decided to go with this angle instead. Enjoy!

Sex with Bruno is never uneventful.

You’d quickly come to the realization on the first date that this man wasn’t exactly the everyday joe on the street, and that you had, in fact, agreed to a date with the man who was currently testing out different melodies of whistling to see if certain patterns would encourage the sparrow to hop into his hand to eat the seeds he was offering.

You’d be lying however, if you said it hadn’t endeared him to your heart immediately.

Throughout your relationship, you had also gotten used to the odd schedule of his work, both in him leaving for day trips or overnights at short notice, or when someone stopped him on the street to ask for his help, or opinion on something. You didn’t mind, knowing his heart and longing to help others was one of the reasons you fell more in love with him every day, and that if it ever interfered with your plans or your date, that he would make it up to you in any way he knew how.

When the phone rang while you two were enjoying each other’s company in bed was another matter.

You were tangled in the covers, thin sheet stuck to your bodies with the sheen of sweat that had built up on the two of you. Both lovers paid it no mind however, continuing to run their hands over each other’s skin, bodies smoothly rolling against each other in slow deep thrusts.

The two of you were laughing, he had likened a squeal you made (his hand had been a bit cold) to the sound of a certain gull he had seen on the wharf the week prior, sending you into a fit of giggles between kisses, only encouraged when he reassured you that you were “Far prettier than any gull he’d ever seen.”

A bit odd for dirty talk, but not the strangest thing you’d ever heard him say.

After the laughter had died down, he’d put a bit more concentration into fucking you, still gentle and sweet, but with a bit more urgency, relishing in your sighs and moans as you nuzzled into him, mouthing at the skin of his collarbone.

Rolling over to be on top of you, he gazed down at you, dark hair framing his face as he leaned down to kiss you.

With the change of angle, his cock dragged against a sweet spot inside of you, causing you to gasp out his name and clutch his back, prompting him to let out an amused hum of, “oh, you like that?”

“Oh, please, mmm!” You keened against him, pleasure making your brain go fuzzy around the edges as you felt a tight sensation building in your very core.

“Are you getting close for me darling? You’re making such pretty faces-“

He stilled against you as a loud trill of a phone rang from the bedside table.

Letting out a sigh, Bruno started to get up, your legs and arms wrapping around him with a whine.

“No no no, come on don’t go I’m so close, they can wait!” You pleaded, but to no avail.

“Tesoro, you know I have to take this, just- gimme a moment- there.”

Closing your eyes and throwing your head back in the pillows in frustration, you didn’t notice what Bruno was doing until he had gotten up, snatching up the phone with a quick “Bucciarati here.”

It took a moment, until you shifted your legs, to realize that somehow, despite being across the room, he was still inside of you.

Sitting up with a hand flying down to your entrance, fingers brushing against the metal of a zipper.

You sat dumbfounded for a moment, trying to come to terms with the fact your boyfriend had, in fact, unzipped his dick and left it in your pussy while he took a phone call.

This wasn’t the first time he had used his stand in the bedroom, but in the past it had usually been to take your clothes off faster, or to zip open the bedroom wall to carry you inside, refusing to put you down to open the door like a normal person.

Sticky fingers had made a few appearances as well, but not exactly like this.

Testing the waters, you clenched, watching as Bruno’s eyes fluttered shut a moment before shooting you a mischievous look.

Reaching down again, as soon as you touched the zipper, a hand gripped yours, Sticky Fingers manifesting beside you.

“Hey there handsome, it’s been a while.” You greeted him warmly, the stand raising your arm to press a soft kiss to your wrist. You lowered your voice, “Bruno sent you over to make sure I keep it in, didn’t he?”

“Ari!” He gave a firm nod.

You settled back into the bed, brushing your hair back from your face, mussed from previous activities. Stretching out and then shooting a grin to Sticky Fingers, who was still watching you intently.

“Guess we just gotta keep ourselves busy until he’s done.”

Your hand wandered down, reaching no farther than your clit as you began to stroke and tease yourself, a soft hum leaving your lips as your eyes fluttered shut.

A second hand joined yours, your lovers stand beginning to caress your body with practiced care.

Soon you pulled your fingers away, allowing him to control the pace completely, Bruno’s voice fading into the background as you were drawn back into the warm lull of pleasure.

Sticky had a better idea, however, as his other hand reached to grab his users cock, pulling it out of you, and slowly sliding it back in, essentially using it like a toy to fuck you, quickly choosing a faster pace, watching your back arch as you gripped the sheets.

Bruno obviously hadn’t been expecting that, and nearly doubled over with a choked gasp, quickly and breathlessly assuring the voice on the phone, “Oh no, I’m fine, just- ah- tripped on something. Y-you know, we could probably go over most of this in person, it’s rather late- oh? Yes that would be fine, I’ll meet with you tomorrow. Yes sir, thank you. Good night.”

With the phone hung up, he rushed back over to the two of you, catching your face in a deep, passionate kiss, his stand slowing down a bit, the pace a languid rocking of the wrist.

“You,” He pointed at his stand, “Were supposed to keep her out of trouble, not make your own.”

“Oh don’t blame Sticky, he was just having a bit of fun.” You defended, cupping the stands face, “Weren’t you? You just wanted to make me feel so good, and you did, you’re doing such a good job”

Your breathy praise put a smile on his face, Sticky Fingers looking smugly at Bruno, the latter shaking his head good naturedly.

“Well lightning shouldn’t strike twice, so we should be uninterrupted now.” Your lover dismissed his stand, crawling back between your legs with a grin, “Let’s pick up where we left off.”

Anonymous asked:

I would also pay to see that.

Bruno would be so whiny and loud, overstimulated from both getting fucked, and the secondhand feelings from Sticky Fingers. He reaches out to link his hand with yours, clutching onto you like a lifeline as you coo praises to him, serving only to encourage both user and stand.

cherryjolyne asked:

Hell yeah you can. NSFW under the cut!

Fugo is going to hide Purple Haze from you as long as possible, but it can’t last forever.

You beg him to let you meet his stand, eventually swaying him with the fact it would be better for you two to meet outside of battle, and on one calm sunny afternoon, he allows Haze to manifest.

Haze takes a moment to get his bearings, and then charges at you, a yell tearing out of his throat. Fugo yelling an order to stop, but going unheeded as the stand comes at you full force.

The impact leaves your ribs sore, the solid built stand grabbing you roughly and lifting you in the air, spinning you around, nonsensical noises pouring from stitched lips. Drool spilling onto your neck as he nuzzles into you.

After that, it’s a slow but steady path of getting easier to interact with both stand and user.

Fugo isn’t used to having Haze out this much, or at all outside of fights, but he’s started to feel a bit calmer with it, feeling his stands comfort at seeing you and being able to interact with you.

In a relationship, I think Fugo would enjoy someone he can just talk to. Someone who won’t expect him to be the prodigy ‘smart kid’ his parents forced him to be, but instead speaking to him like a normal person.

He enjoys listening to you talk about anything you’re interested in, seeing your eyes light up and being able to tell you really care about what your saying makes him feel warm inside. He also loves when you do the same for him and encourage him to ramble about things.

There will be plenty of dates where the two of you just sit and read to each other in the quiet of some hidden nook of a library, laying in each other’s arms and simply listening.

Haze eventually will calm down a bit around you, but tends to stick pretty close by, he loves to help you with little chores around the house, or anything that shows you see him as something other than just a weapon.

Every time he nuzzles into you, expect a drool stain, but don’t act like you notice, if you react too much, Haze panics, letting out a dismayed squawk and doing his best to clean you off. (It doesn’t work, especially when panicking makes the spit drip faster)

Purple Haze sometimes butts heads a bit with Fugo simply because he doesn’t understand personal space. You’ll be cuddling with Pannacotta, when suddenly you feel someone watching you, your boyfriends stand standing less than 2 feet away, staring at you intently, if not already climbing over you to join in.

Fugo tries his best to be romantic in the bedroom, scared that his anger will ruin everything, or that he’ll hurt you. So you’re gonna have to encourage him, and take the lead a bit to show you’re alright.

He loves to hold you close to him, whether to bury his face in your neck, or to feel your back flush against his chest, he relishes in feeling your whole body against him, and enjoys being able to hide his face from you. He blushes easily, and gets a bit self conscious, but with time and gentle praise, will ease into it more.

Haze takes you fast and rough, face down ass up just plowing into you with all his force. You wonder if this is actually something Fugo wants to try with you, but he gets flustered if you bring it up.

Fugo will murmur sweet nothings to you during sex, but mostly stays quiet save for the panting and groans slipping through his lips, but Haze will do his best to talk the entire time. Growls and babbling and a few trademark ‘ubasha’ cries accompany his bruising thrusts, and you can feel his drool hit your back.

Haze definitely can be a bit too rough, but once he gets the message that you’re in pain, immediately will still, whimpering a bit. He doesn’t wanna hurt you, he just gets excited. Just teach him what to do and how to prep you.

Haze does what Fugo wishes he could trust himself to do to you, but he’s a bit too shy, worried he’ll lose control. He knows he’s strong, and would never forgive himself if he hurt you.

There have been times that you’ve taken both at once, sucking the users cock while his stand pounds into you, Fugo loves seeing you turn into a complete mess while you get fucked, eventually just letting you rest your head on his thigh as you practically scream at the brutal pace Purple Haze has chosen.

Anonymous said: sticky fingers can definitely smash 🥵 Answer: Yes he can!!! He got lips to kiss, hands to hold, and he fUCKS

30 Day JoJo Challenge – Day 9

Hey there everybody, and welcome back to JoJo Month and the 30 Day JoJo Challenge!

Today’s topic is.

What is my favourite Stand from Vento Aureo?

I really love the Stands in Vento Aureo. They were really creative, and really unique compared to the Stands in the rest of the series. But my favourite Vento Aureo Stand has to be.

Bruno Bucciarati’s Sticky Fingers

But why is that?

There’s a lot of things I love about Sticky Fingers. I love the ability that it has to create zippers pretty much everywhere for different purposes. It’s such a super cool ability with tons of uses. I also love Sticky Fingers’ design. I love the zippers all over its body. Also, I fucking love its Stand cry. It is so beautiful to listen to. I love everything about Sticky Fingers.

Are there any runner-ups?

There are so many Stands in this Part that I would put up for the runner-up spot. But, since I wanna only put one thing in each spot, I’ll have to only put one Stand in this runner-up spot. The Stand that’s going in this spot has to be.

Pannacotta Fugo’s Purple Haze

What kept them from taking the spot?

Unfortunately it’s because we barely see Purple Haze in action. Literally, all we see of Purple Haze in Vento Aureo is just during the fight with Man in the Mirror, and then Fugo fucks off forever. Which is sooooo depressing. Fugo and Purple Haze were so amazing, but we only got to see them in one fight in the whole Part. I mean, I’m sure there’s more badass action with Purple Haze and Fugo in Purple Haze Distortion and Feedback, but I haven’t read those side-stories before. It’s so sad to see such a great Stand and user come and go so fast.

That’s it for Day 9’s post everybody! Thanks so much for reading, hopefully I entertained you for a bit today! Feel free to press that like button and share this post around! Thank you guys so much, and have a beautiful Duwang!

also i just started jojolion today, and i love it already!

Hey there everybody, and welcome back to JoJo Month and the 30 Day JoJo Challenge! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆