strawberry cough strain yield

Strawberry Cough

The Strawberry Cough based on the North American genetics. This hybrid between an Indica and a Sativa is mostly sativa (around 80%).

The plants look elegant. The flowering cycle takes around 9 weeks. It is easy to grow and does not need a hard and difficult feeding scheme. Standart nutrients give good results. Plants have a medium height.

The fruity taste of fresh strawberry brings wonderful experience. The strain provides a medium effect.

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I found some light strawberry notes on the first couple smokes of my joint but more fruity kushy.. I was expecting a lot more taste in it.

There were some fresh strawberry smells when harvesting but they seem to fade more and more when curing .. Probably need to practice this strain a couple times to get it right.

* Good comments: beautifull plant to grow, if you are worried about odor this is the strain you need, it doesn’t smell like weed at all, it really smelled like fresh strawberries while trimming. She handled the mainlining like a champ!

* bad comments: she needed alot of food, she was very hungry, plant was a little leafy so trimming took awhile but thats probly because i underfed.

*other comments: failed with the mainlining because 100gram is just not a good yield for waiting 20weeks, so i wont be doing that again! Better luck next time, it was a great experiment tho and i learned alot.

I am happy to have grown Dutch Passion’s Strawberry Cough again, this time as a clone. The strain comes as advertised – smells and tastes like strawberries. Nothing has knocked this off my list as one of the more fragrant and best tasting varieties.

The individual grow was a tad disappointing in the end. One major detractor of the Strawberry Cough strain is that it produces a light yield, it has consistently given little product. Historically, I have settled with a smaller gram total, but this time it is a huge negative. My 7/10 rating is almost entirely yield. Heading into this experience I was thinking it may improve on its previous ratings. wrong.

Generally, it appeared to have went well during the grow. Overall, this generation stretched too much and got too tall and lanky. I see the benefits of a more squat plant. Cough did poorly in this state, I’m not sure if it was just the plant, the leaf distribution, or what, but the other plants/strains that stretched too much still produced massive crowns. I could criticize myself and say perhaps the food went away too quickly, but again I have other plants performing well with my feedings, as well as past Strawberry Plants. It was a bit veggie, stringy, not fun to harvest. I have high standards and any bleached, immature, or just puny flower was pitched.

Either way, just not enough bud! Its a tease. The cannabis I did dry and cure is wonderful – sweet and berry like. Even without curing as long as last time it is still strong and enjoyable. One of the best tasting strains around. Effects are light to moderate sativa. Relaxing but not overly potent or trippy.

I may take a break and explore some other fruity or fragrant types, but believe me I will be circling back. I may also keep Cough in the rotation. It is sooo good!

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