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Thai Cannabis: The Start of the Modern-Day Cannabis Seed Bank

Thai Cannabis and Thai cannabis seeds were one of the first cannabis types to gain familiarity and popularity amongst marijuana users, and that was before the internet. So, what exactly is Thai Cannabis?

What is Thai Cannabis?

Thai Cannabis is a type of cannabis variety; in fact, a landrace, that originates from Thailand. In the ’70s and ’80s, it was introduced to the United States and began growing in popularity as more people got to know this sticky bud. If you are looking for cannabis seeds for sale, then you should get to know the cannabis seed bank that offers Thai cannabis seeds.

You may have heard of this strain by the name “Thai Sticks.” This name comes from the way it was initially dried and tied in Thailand; assembled in long sticks and tied with a trademark red string.

Thai Genetics

What is a Landrace Strain?

Cannabis has been an integral part of human history for longer than many of us are aware of. Did you know that there is some document as old as 2900 B.C that place cannabis as an integrated plant with humans? For thousands of years, cannabis was cultivated for its diversity of uses; from clothing to fiber and food to medicine. And yes, records show that cannabis was embraced in rituals and for many spiritual purposes.

According to research, the origin of cannabis appears to be central Asia. Due to its strength as a textile as well as its diversity of uses, it spread throughout the world. While prehistoric civilizations may not have been agriculturalists, cannabis seeds and the plant could undoubtedly have been used as food or fodder, and this is how the seeds could have been spread throughout the Eurasian land. That was between five and ten thousand years ago. Moving ahead a couple thousand years, civilizations spread the plant to Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia (approximately 2000 – 500 years ago). By 1788, cannabis had spread to Australia, however before that (in 1545 A.D), cannabis was widespread through the New World.

Why the history lesson? Well, if you want to understand the landrace strain meaning, then you should know that central Asia is the beginning of cannabis. All other cannabis strains (outside of central Asia) have developed genetics over time, either by selective breeding or by nature’s design, to survive the different climates.

Landrace strains are usually named to reflect their land of origin (hence the name “Thai”). These landrace strains carry some of the strongest genetics, and they are dubbed the forefathers of most of the strains you will see on the market today.

Asia Landrace Strains

Attributes and Characteristics of Thai Cannabis Seeds and Strains

What are the Characteristic Flavors of the Thai Strain Variety?

Growing Thai Strains

If you are looking for cultivation seeds for the Thai strains, you should remember that this strain variety is endemic to a tropical climate. This means that if you are in a cooler environment with less humidity, your Thai strain could struggle- that’s if you are thinking of growing outdoors that is. If you are considering growing indoors, just bear in mind that these generous plants are known to reach a height of approximately 15 feet.

Another characteristic of Thai strains is their prolonged flowering time. When cultivated indoors, they usually reach harvest time in about four and a half months.

Those in the commercial growing business often have success with this strain as they usually have the appropriate space and growing conditions. But perhaps out of all the characteristics of this variety, two characteristics have truly catapulted this variety into the hearts of users; extraordinarily high sativa effects and the delicious flavor. And then there is one characteristic that has made the Thai strain a favorite amongst breeders; the strong genetics. The sturdy genes of the Thai have allowed for a plethora of crossbreeding to produce some of the modern-day market’s favorites such as Haze and Ak-47.

The Best Thai Strains and Varieties

Wild Thailand

If you are seeking out a Thai cannabis seed that packs a THC punch, then look no further. This strain’s THC levels are some of the planet’s highest. Wild Thailand’s flowering cycle is shorter in comparison to other pure Sativa Thai strains and needs plenty of space to develop her sturdy roots. Take a look at her specs here.

Exotic Thai

This Thai seed is a mixture of the New York Diesel and a Thai Sativa. Offering a shorter flowering cycle (about 9-10 weeks), this strain is a favorite amongst growers. Because of its cross genes, it has a shorter growing height as well as a shortened flowering cycle. It is a good option for those looking for Thai cannabis seeds to grow indoors. Thanks to the cross genetics, it also offers a lowered sativa (70%) and increased Indica (30%). Find out more about the Exotic Thai strain.

There are many more Thai cannabis seeds to try, and there is definitely something for everyone- no matter the growing conditions. Take a look at this article to find out all you need to know about Thailand’s recent law changes regarding marijuana, and our favourite Thai cannabis seeds and cannabis seed banks. Thai cannabis seeds are some of the forbearers for many of your favorite cannabis strains today, and every grower, collector or user should try the revered Thai cannabis at least once in their life.

Thai Cannabis and Thai cannabis seeds were one of the first cannabis types to gain familiarity and popularity amongst marijuana users, and that wa