the ultimate strain

The Ultimate

The Ultimate is the result of careful selecting. This qualitative strain has a good stava/indica balance (50%/50%).

The blooming cycle is 8-10 weeks. The plant needs lots of nutrients during the growing. The plant reaches 60-75cm tall and is ideal for the indoors. It has a resistance to moulds and bud’s rot. Therefore it is perfect also for greenhouses.

The effect does not disappoint. It’s instant and very powerful. The smoke is rich and tropical.


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In the beginning I want to thank Dutch Passion for amazing genetics.
Green Buzz Liquids for amazing 100% organic nutrients, plants are very fond of these fertilizers, the taste and smell turned to great.
Thanks to Mars Hydro for amazing grow light Mars Hydro TSW2000.This year, the first thing I’ll start the diary with this light separately, the result is just great, and still spends little energy and shines brighter than 400 watts Hid.
Thanks to Growdiaries team for this amazing project)

The Ultimate became the gold standard for me, high yield, great effect, delicious citrus smell.
I really liked the effect, you can smoke when you want, the effect turned out more sativa, without any side effects. Strong strain, I think 20%+ THC. I can recommend this strain to everyone, especially to beginners, it grows very easily.

I really liked genetics from Dutch Passion, in the new year, I will definitely try to grow more strains from this amazing old school seedbank¦ Dutch Passion, tony u all amazing) thanks for making people happy more than 30 years, you are the best.

Just a couple of hours since I returned from Africa, was there on volunteer work. I see a lot of comments written to me, I will answer everyone later) Happy New Year to all, love and peace all we need¦
Thanks to Seed Banks for amazing genetics, thank you for their great work, GD team for amazing project,
Thanks to everyone who follow my grow report, love u all, Peace!

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