tiger berry strain

Siberian Tiger Berry (18 Regs) Cult Classics Seeds

Siberian Tiger Berry- Tiger Berry x Freshies

Tigerberry originated in China in a place where tigers were prominent in the area. Although its origin may not be well known, it is easy to say that this strain is one like no other. Tigerberry fills the room immediately with tones of fresh fruit and sweetness. The taste matches the nose to the tee when smoking Tigerberry, which can be a rare trait these days. The Tiger Berry Strain is an exotic and rare Indica x Sativa originating from China near the Namgerville jungle. This unique strain has orange hair in a formation similar to Tigers undercoat. Dispersing from its natural odor is a sweet bakery type of aroma x vanilla oats that transverses into a deep mouth full of rich flavors when enflamed. Tiger Berry OG is a must-try for those in search of a exotic boutique.

LINEAGE- Chinese Land Race

HARVEST- Indoor / 65 Days

FLAVOR NOTES- Berries, Fruit, Sweet

Now cross this amazing elusive Chinese Landrace with Cult Classics legendary freshies and you have a cross unlike anyone else and there are only a couple packs left, extremely hard to find so don’t miss out!! It’s hard to find monster yielding, that taste this good A MUST TRY!!

Siberian Tiger Berry (18 Regs) Cult Classics Seeds for $85 per ea. by Allegiance Farmz on Strainly