together weed ride

Jeff Kendall-Weed

I hail from:
Santa Cruz, CA

But I am most at home:
in Bellingham, WA

I pay my bills by:
Telling stories about riding my bike

I never leave home without:
My camera

My three favorite pieces of Kitsbow kit are:
Haskell pant, Powerwool base layer, and Hiline glove

I love them because:
The pants are amazing in most scenarios under 70 degrees, the Powerwool is sooo warm and comfortable yet so light, and the Hiline glove provides comfortable protection without sacrificing any control.

You see this scar? I got this when I:
Which one? Over a dozen broken bones in the last decade!

The closest I ever came to dying was:
Rolling my long travel desert truck in a big wreck.

The closest I’ve been to complete and profound enlightenment was:
Watching the birth of my daughter.

My favorite place to ride (that I am willing to tell you about) is:
British Colombia

If I ever won an Oscar, my 10-word speech would go like this:
“The sport won’t grow itself, and it’s pretty rad, yep.” 10 words thanks to a handy contraction.

Lastly, shout out to:

For believing in my ability to put together fun riding videos back in 2014, and for sticking with me ever since!

Jeff was raised in the Loma Prieta area above Santa Cruz, California, just beside the Soquel Demonstration Forest. He grew up riding and racing BMX in the late 90s and began racing downhill in 2002. This soon led to Jeff’s full-fledged addiction to mountain biking during his first week of university at Cal Poly. Now, many years later, he, his wife and daughter live in Bellingham,WA. On any given weekend you’ll likely find them both enjoying the trails together, as mountain biking has become not only a passion and a career, but a complete lifestyle.

I hail from:Santa Cruz, CABut I am most at home:in Bellingham, WAI pay my bills by:Telling stories about riding my bikeI never leave home without:My cameraMy three favorite pieces of Kitsbow kit are:Haskell pant, Powerwool base layer, and Hiline gloveI love them because:The pants are amazing in most scenarios under 70