top 44 strain

Top 44


Top 44 has been a popular favorite with commercial growers for some time, but domestic cultivators have also found that this strain is easy to grow and produces good yields of quality weed. An Indica dominant strain, Top 44 was originally developed in the Netherlands, with name coming from a flowering time that can be as little as 44 days.

The smoke gives a strong skunky flavor with a spicy, fruity aftertaste and a sweet incense-like aroma with citrus tones. Expect an initial wave of euphoria followed by a heavy body stone and some couchlock, with effects lasting up to three hours. Medically, this weed can help with muscle pain, poor appetite and stress.

Top 44 seeds produce plants that tend to stay small and bushy, around 70 centimetres, and have an incredibly short flowering time, making them a good choice for commercial growers. It grows in a compact shape with shortish side stems, dark green leaves and fluffy buds with red hairs as the plant matures. The THC measuring around 15% puts it in the mid-range of potency for skunk-type weed varieties.

This easy to grow strain does well indoors in either hydro or soil mediums combined with the SOG growing method. Flowering is between six and seven weeks and yields can be as high as 500 grams per square metre.

This hardy plant also does well outdoors in a sunny spot protected from frosts. Harvest comes in late August or early September.

Novice and experienced growers alike favour the Top 44 strain for its hardiness, rapid growth and bountiful yield. Its compact growth habits make Top 44 a good choice when space is limited.

Try Top 44, a fast flowering Indica strain that is popular with commercial growers due to its quick and compact growing habits.