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Top Shelf Express is a Canada-based online dispensary that makes it easy for you to buy weed online in Canada with no card!

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Why Top Shelf Express?

Obviously the best online dispensary Canada, with a widespread customer base! Buy weed online with Top Shelf Canadian dispensary online, and enjoy a host of benefits!

We call ourselves the bud express for a reason! With the enormous collection, lowest prices and a sonic-speed service – we are your best choice to buy weed online. Our online dispensary Canada has the strongest, purest and crispiest marijuana you can ever lay your hands on. Rated to be one of the best stores to buy weed online, we have been satisfying customers for over a decade now with our efficient service.
Top Shelf Express online dispensary Canada seeks to make every cannabis-related product easily available to you. Be it smokes, chewables, shatter, vapes or topicals – the Top Shelf Express delivers it to your doorstep. Have a hard time trusting a Canadian dispensary online? Need to know the safest payment methods to buy weed online? Top Shelf Express is the greatest bud express that gives solutions for all your medical marijuana needs.

Online Dispensary Canada

At our all-inclusive Canadian dispensary online, we aim to please. The marijuana store is open for you at all times of the day, and the location would not matter as long as you are within Canadian borders. We at Top Shelf ganja express consider it not a service, but a duty to make available the best weed for you. Since the legalization of marijuana in Canada, ours was one of the leading ganja express websites to cater to your cannabis needs. Whatever the strains you need, including Indica, Sativa and Hybrid – we have them right in stock in our online dispensary Canada. Cannabis you order online from our bud express would be as fresh as they could be, and the speed of service would blow your mind.
True that most of you hesitate to order weed online. However, in Top Shelf ganja express, you can buy weed online without hassle. Our best online dispensary Canada allows you to ask any questions you have about how to buy weed online. Bring in your suggestions and complaints; we are flexible enough to value your ideas. For best BC weed online, our ganja express is the ideal store. Order once from our online dispensary Canada, and never will you order your cannabis manually again!

Buy Weed Online

For an online dispensary Canada, Top Shelf has a surprisingly easy payment and shipment scheme. All you have to do is get onboard our bud express, choose whatever you like from the vast array of strains, vapes, concentrates and accessories we have and add them to your shopping cart. The best online dispensary Canada offers you the safest payment option ever – the Interac eTransfer. After confirming your order with our ganja express – you are good to go. It does not take ages for us to process your payment and ship the order; instead, our amazing bud express crew would ship it the very same day. In no more than two to three days from the day you buy weed online, you would receive some supreme weed packaged in vacuum-sealed packets.
The best news for all you who plan to buy weed online is that Top Shelf as the most affordable online dispensary Canada, offers free shipping for orders over $150. For your very first order with our Canadian dispensary online, we gift you one gram of succulent weed for free. However, that is not all! If you buy weed online worth $300 or more in a single order, you will receive a free eighth from our bud express – completely free of charge. All this and more are only available if you buy weed online from Top Shelf Express.


Sativa strains ordered by Top Shelf ganja express are your ultimate mood-lifter. Sativa relieves your anxiety, boredom, fatigue and depression. The energizing effect of Sativa strains can make you “high” to the utmost definition of it, and we only sell the best Sativa strains in our best online dispensary Canada.


Indica is a strain that is loved by all and smoked by the majority of weed consumers. It helps relieve your stress and relax your mind, and chill out any irritated, unhappy mood. From Top Shelf bud express, you would only get high-quality Indica products. The strong flavors of Indica we sell in our Canadian dispensary online can boost your creativity, cool you down and make sleep come easier.


Hybrid strains offer paths to both the worlds of Sativa and Indica. The mixed properties would be a creative way to look into your mind and lull it into relaxation. From the beginning of our online dispensary Canada, hybrid strains have been a popular choice. Order your package of hybrid strains from our bud express today, and enjoy great offers on future orders.

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Top Shelf is an online dispensary in Canada that ships by mail order. No card required. Securely buy weed online in Canada. Discreet delivery by Canada Post