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Top Dawg Award Winners

Each year, Harrisburg Schools award a few select students with their “Top Dawg” awards. These students are chosen by the faculty, staff and administration of the Harrisburg School District. This year’s Top Dawg award winners were honored on April 27, in a special awards ceremony. Out of the 14 middle school and high school students chosen to receive these Top Dawg awards…two of the students were Coyote Hill youth! We know our children and youth are extra special and note-worthy, but it’s nice when others also recognize their unique characteristics. We thought you might enjoy reading some of what the nominating teachers had to say about our youth that received the awards.
(names changed for the sake of confidentiality)

Veronica has a great attitude and a strong desire to learn. After working very hard in my class she ended up being assigned to Academic Advisory because of spelling errors. Instead of whining and arguing about how unfair it was, she came to me and said, “Thank you. Thank you for helping me learn.” Then, she worked even harder. I will always remember Veronica’s beautiful smile and hope she knows how much she has inspired me. Her strong faith helps her look at the positive side of situations and expect only the best in life. I will recall her strength when I go through changes in my own life and I will remember how she evolved into a butterfly.” –Ms. Whitman, Harrisburg High School FACS Teacher

“Middle school can be enough of a challenge to develop great character. This year Samuel not only faced the challenge of being a middle school student, but he was also a new student, at a new school, in a new state. He didn’t even get to start the school year in August with the rest of the new students…Although this wasn’t an easy situation to overcome, Samuel faced it head on and is succeeding in making the transition. Samuel’s work ethic requires him to go above and beyond what is expected of him. The first assignment in drama class was to present a dramatic reading. While the rest of the class read a children’s book, Samuel recited a selection from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Just as fire is required to allow the seeds of some pine trees to germinate, some character traits must be developed through struggles. I firmly believe that no matter what challenges life throws at Samuel, he will meet the challenge and thrive.” –-Ms. Hinch, Harrisburg Middle School English teacher

Congratulations, Top Dawgs – we’re so very proud of you both!

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Baskets of Joy

A few days before Easter, I had the privilege to attend a meeting. Typically, meetings aren’t very exciting and aren’t often referred to as a privilege. But this particular meeting was something special.

Each year, Harrisburg Schools award a few select students with their ]]>