trainwreck strain flowering time

Trainwreck (original) on diy cree

Very strong smoke, i can compare the high with lemon haze about same strength, when you like stoned like mexican haze/casey jones in the evening, this is perfect for daytime, but a daytime white whidow/powerplant smoker will have to put this aside for late in the evening. Smell of the flowering plant is awesome, it’s just like a light joint/stickie. The taste of mine wasn’t perfect, i think i grilled some spider mites in too. No couch lock, easy inhale with or without tobacco. She doesn’t need to much nutrients, so go easy on the nutes 😉 Talking about my yield. well, you can start with making fun of me first, because i grew this plant for 14 weeks to produce less than 35 grams of wet bud.
The leaves were covered in trichomes so i rolled some in a paper and came to the conclusion that the leaf tastes about the same as the bud, really impressive.
And. ofcourse i smoked almost all before writing the harvest report 🙂

no nutrient problems (i had some, but thos were caused by mites)

i wouldn’t know what to do without it

Очень легко grow, но я испортил, она не любит, чтобы ее листья забрали и не реагирует хорошо, то же самое с перестановкой, я надеюсь, что это просто фенотип, который пришел в my руки.

Не слишком много питательных веществ, и быстро растет до ее урожая.

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