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The Best Job in the World: Cannabis Trimming

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This may sound like something from a movie, but the best job in the world is real and the works are called trimmers; people doing these jobs are payed well and have access to cannabis which they can smoke. Sounds incredible, right?

In Humboldt County, California, this dream is a dream come true. It turns out that people from all over the country move to this US area to find work as a trimmer. These people are called “scissor drifters” and annually migrate to Humboldt to work there for amazing money and free weed.

Advantages of being a Trimmer

This job is pretty much at the bottom of the long list of jobs involving cannabis, but the great thing is that it’s an entry-level job for those looking to make a name for themselves in the cannabis industry. The job is usually compensated according to the amount of weight trimmers trim per day, which is usually around 150-200 dollars a day depending on how efficient the worker is.

Trimmers also get some amazing hands-on experience with the plants, which allows them to become comfortable with them and gain experience that other workers in the industry might not necessarily get.

Of course, there are some disadvantages and many people say that it’s a quite boring and mundane job. It’s a task that requires concentration and constant movement, repeating the same motions over and over, so those working there need to be able to stand or sit for hours on end.

On the brink of legality

Of course, you can earn even more working on the black market, as legalization hasn’t completely made this dark place go away. Keep in mind that if you do accept a job as a trimmer for someone who isn’t completely legal, you can be promised money and never receive it. You won’t even be able to go to the police about it, because the job you were doing was illegal in the first place.

So, would you like to work as a trimmer?

The Best Job in the World: Cannabis Trimming. Every year hundreds of people migrate to Humboldt county in search of a spot as a cannabis trimmer.