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Grow Your Own Truffles!

Grow Your Own Truffles!

Ever thought “growing truffles must be a great way of making money” well, if you have you need to read our beginners guide to growing your own truffles.

Black and white truffles are the undisputed royalty of the culinary world. So, if one kilogram of these highly sought after fungi fetch between £1,890 ($3,000) and £5,900 ($9,350), then imagine how incredibly lucrative it must be to grow your own batch of black or white truffles! The idea must have occurred a thousand times before in people living in both hemispheres, but do you have what it takes to turn your soil into profits? Here’s the ‘How To’ guide to turning your backyard into a goldmine!

Freshly Hunted Truffles

What you’ll need:

1. A rather large backyard. Truffles are elusive fungi that establish symbiotic relationships with certain species of trees, such as Hazel, Oak, Willow, Chestnut and Beech. Ergo, if you want to harvest enough truffles to make a profit, your backyard will need to be big enough to house a good few fully mature trees.

2. Special tree seeds, such as Hazel, that have been treated with the spores of black or white truffles. These, you will have to buy yourself from a nursery or catering store that specializes in truffles and mushrooms. They cost in the region of £630 ($1,000) for a hundred or so seeds.

3. A good climate. Black and white truffles are fussy organisms. They don’t like excessively wet, dry or windy conditions to grow in. If you want to grow culinary diamonds, you’re going to need to live in a region that has a peaceful climate with good rain. This might be a good time to check out property prices in central and northern Italy, where some of the best black and white truffles are sourced.

4. Alkaline soil! Black and white truffles adore alkaline soil. Get the PH right and your truffles will mature nicely. If it’s too acidic, they’ll forever remain spores!

5. Zero competition. Black and white truffles do not like to vie for space, nutrients and water. Make sure you keep the area around your trees cleared of vegetation that might constitute competition in the eyes of the truffle.

6. Time. Yes, you will need lots of time. If you are looking for a ‘get-rich-real-quick’ scheme, then growing truffles is not the best idea. The seeded trees will take at least six months to grow and it will take you even longer to find out whether your venture has been successful or not.

7. A nice final touch: get yourself a Lagotto Romagnala dog. While they aren’t the original truffle hunting animals – female pigs are – they will help you to locate the truffles that have grown around the roots of your trees without actually eating them. Plus, they will add some credibility to your business venture!

If you have the time, patience and resources to grow black and white truffles in your backyard, then we wish you all the best! However, there is a reason why truffle harvesting hasn’t taken off. Truffles are unique organisms with a complex set of requirements when it comes to growing conditions, which makes them incredibly tricky and expensive to grow. Truffle hunting remains the best method of sourcing and retrieving these gourmet rarities, which is why we here at TruffleHunter are able to provide you with the best of nature’s truffle offerings all year round. Have a look at our fresh truffles in season here.

Ever thought “growing truffles must be a great way of making money” well, if you have you need to read our beginners guide to growing your own truffles. ]]>