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A few extra TU31 seeds

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Since the release of TU31 I’ve been on the hunt for a few excellent seeds. I haven’t found much. seems to be a lot more water on many of the maps I’ve checked. Great for island style adventures, but I’m personally looking for a bit more land. I don’t mind a bit of water, but some of the maps I’ve seen are nothing but wet. The seeds that follow are not exactly what I’m looking for, but are still pretty decent in my opinion. Who knows? Maybe there is one here that will strike your fancy. It should be known that my descriptions on each seed are simply what popped out to me while flying around in creative mode. There is a large chance that I overlooked some pretty cool features. So, exploration could reveal quite a bit more about each map.

I’ll include the seed number in parenthesis in those cases where I typed words or phrases to create the map. Either one should work. Let me know if it doesn’t.

This seed contains 3 villages with 3 blacksmiths, a good amount of savanna, roofed forest, and birch forest.

This seed has only 1 village with 1 blacksmith at spawn, but has a lot of nice forest biomes. I believe all taiga, including mega are present, plus roofed forest and birch of course.

This is another wet one. Mostly water with some interesting islands, but has 2 ocean monuments!

Jungle temple at spawn! A strange looking jungle plains hybrid biome. 2 villages: 1 large (blacksmith, church, 2 libraries), 1 small (1 library). Lots of savanna, roofed forest, and taiga.

Another water world, but with a couple of fun looking islands. One island (in the east, if I remember correctly) is a combination mesa and mooshroom island. Thought it looked pretty cool. The west is full of taiga including mega, and also has a cold plains in the northwest.

I thought this map looked pretty neat. Large landmasses separated by rivers and rolling hills. A deep ocean in the northeast with a monument. A lonely blacksmith by a well. A witch’s hut in the northwest. I hear a lot of people are getting this type of terrain, but the way this map generated it’s hills, forests, and rivers looked awesome to me.

These are the best seeds I’ve found, so far. I know they aren’t ground breaking, but I thought most looked like they had potential. I have a few more but decided they weren’t worth posting. I’m still on the hunt, so I may post more later. Happy mining!

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I will be checking out villageruin. The last one where that blacksmith is has a very nice plateau where I built a japanese style castle [creative lol] and looks awesome imo,

EDIT:After tooking at the villageruin seed, I think that surpasses the other one you posted for fav. It has 2 villagers [librarian and blacksmith] so can easily start villages. What I also like about it is the amount of large plateaus that can be home to several larger Japanese style castles. If we only had banners.

Keep these sees coming brother, excellent array

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Any seeds with a witch hut, ocean monument and a decent Mesa biome?

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I used Bonus! This morning and got 5 villages, and a desert temple. Could be more, haven’t had a chance to dig in and explore. Only one of the desert villages has a blacksmith though. And one of the desert temple chests had 2 diamonds. Nothing really great

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Got a few more tu31 seeds to share. I’ve been testing seeds through the holidays and have come up with a few that I find promising. If you’re looking for the ultimate seed. well let’s just say that’s in the eye of the beholder. heh. I found the perfect seed for my current games; maybe there’s a perfect seed here for you too!

This map consists of three medium sized islands. You spawn on the southern island near a good sized village with a blacksmith, church, library, and bar. The island itself is mostly savanna, grasslands, and a bit of forest. Nearby, there is an interesting looking mountain with a single oak tree at it’s peak. A desert island sits to the northeast that has a very small village (1 building with 2 villagers and a well), and a desert temple. In the west sits the largest island which is chock full of forest and hills. Somewhere in depths of the northern oceanic expanse lies an ocean monument. A friend and I had a lot of fun playing on this map.

This seed I am currently enjoying on survival mode. There are plenty of resources that are easily accessible from spawn. So far I’ve found 6 different mob spawners near the surface, all within the southern part of the map. You spawn in a large jungle bustling with wildlife. Within the first ten minutes of playing I saw 3 different ocelots (I am almost positive they were not the same one; they were found in different directions as I explored). West of spawn is a large village with a blacksmith. This is the only village on this map. East, and a bit south of spawn is a jungle temple. West of the village is a desert temple, and far to the northwest is an ocean monument. That’s right, this map contains one of each temple!! I’ve been looking for a map with all the temples since tu31 came out, and here it is. The lands here look awesome, and there are plenty of them. All wood types are present, along with a gorgeous mega taiga in the north. So far, this is one of my favorite seeds. Enjoy!!

This one is for you village nuts. Although this map is mostly desert and savanna, with the tiniest of mesas in the southwest, it boasts 6 villages. 3 of these villages contain blacksmiths, two of which are like none I have ever seen. One blacksmith seems to have glitched slightly and is cut in half. Both halves are there, just on different ground levels. The other strange blacksmith is located in a village that is cut in half by a large ravine. This blacksmith is actually located at the bottom of said ravine right next to a mineshaft! Other than that, there is a submerged witch’s hut. Not much else of note that I can remember, but this seed looked very interesting to me.

Typed this in on a whim, and what popped out seemed oddly appropriate for me. I will say that this isn’t an amazing seed save for one thing: there are two ocean monuments on this map. I know that there are a few out there with two; I posted one earlier, but there was something fitting about this map and I plan to play it in the near future. You spawn near the mouth of a cave in a roofed forest (if I remember correctly). There are no villages, and no real rare biomes. Although all wood types are present, one of them is extremely rare; the acacia tree. In fact there is only one of these trees that I could find. It could be an interesting mission to find that tree, see how many other trees you can make from it, and use it to build some rare furniture or a building, or maybe just plant them in a garden and enjoy!

I have a few more here to share, but my notes on them are hastily scribbled, and my recollection of them is unclear. But, I jotted them down, so something must have struck me about them. Maybe there is something here that somebody can use.

I’m only listing this because I listed Cornelia earlier. This is another one that has all trees, with the acacia tree being the rarest as it’s found in only one small area. This is a very mountainous and forest heavy map with many caves. There are no villages or temples. A good one for forest adventures. how fitting.

Random Seed (909146030)

Another one with all wood types and I believe plenty of them. You spawn near a jungle ravine and a large mega taiga. Although there are no villages, there is a desert temple.

Can’t remember if this is one I tested or not. I believe I found this by simply typing in Survive! I’m sure others may have tried this too, so if anyone else has this posted as their seed, I can remove the entry from this list. Let me know. What I have written down about it is this: mostly water, lands have lots of desert, savanna, and mountains, 2 villages, 1 blacksmith, 1 desert temple, 1 ocean monument.

A lot of big mountains and forests on this map. A mega taiga and flower forest exist here. No villages, no temples.

An islands map with mostly water. One island has a village nestled within a field that lies at the heart of a roofed forest. All wood types are present on this map.

This one should be listed above because I do remember finding this one. It’s the only one I’ve found so far with a bryce mesa. The bryce lies on the corner of a large mesa biome. All wood types can be found on this map. There is a flower forest, a village, and some nice biomes, baby!

Another map with some nice looking biomes, nothing rare save the flower forest. The map contains a lot of swamp and mountains, 1 witch’s hut, and 2 villages up north that lie in close proximity to one another, one of which has a blacksmith.

Yet another small islands map that is mostly water, but this one has something a bit different. At spawn you have a cavern system that leads down to a mineshaft. But that’s not the weird thing. floating close by, northeast of spawn, just under the surface of the water is an end portal. It might take you a minute to see it, but it’s there, down a few blocks from the surface of the water. I believe the coordinates for the end portal are: X:-190, Y:51, Z:99. Other than that, the islands contain a lot of common biomes.

There. that’s all for now. Hopefully you find something here that strikes your fancy. If I find more, I’ll post them here. Enjoy!

Since the release of TU31 I've been on the hunt for a few excellent seeds. I haven't found much… seems to be a lot more water on many of the maps I've chec… ]]>