ultimate purple grow

Ultimate purple grow

it’s also white PM resistance more than most others strains like GDP is not.

Just posted my pics of this strain in my current grow, this plant has been mainlined and has 32 main colas. This plant takes well to topping and multiple forms of plant training, it’s a great strain to clone, and even monster crop. The smell at 6 weeks of flower is phenomenal. This strain will remain in my garden for years to come!

This is perfect for me at the end of the day. It really helps me unwind and fall asleep.

I have a 81/2 foot planted alongside my Pure Kush that are 3 to 4 weeks into flower. The flowers have been dark purple from the start and we havent even had cool weather yet. A big stocky plant that needs no support with a stock aprox. 4″ across. It doesn’t have much for side branches but looks to produce large buds. Overall a beautiful plant.

Ultimate Purple is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created by breeders at the infamous BC Bud Depot as an extremely potent cross of the hugely popular The Purps X Purple Urkle X Granddaddy Purple X Grape Ape X SR71 Purple Kush strains. This celebrity child boasts a modera…