walker kush

Walker kush

I’m just going to say first off by saying the website is a mess there’s no noticeable number and it’s the most inconvenient website on Earth you got so much stuff packed together as harder finding what you’re looking for then what weed you’re looking for and on top of it all your weed is really high priced can go to Oregon and get better prices

my earlier review is basically on point, although i don’t agree the platinum bubba is better. scott walker kush is better than 80-90% of the buds at the medical dispensary. blue azure and harlox are the best there but havent been around. walker kush s smell isnt as noticeable as buddha’s sister or sweet tooth, and not quite as disabling. the high of walker kush doesnt last long ,which is both good and bad. it is almost as euphoric and happy as blue and harlox, but not quite. it is just as tiring as harlox and equally as unproductive, although that s still better than 50% of the buds out there. blue is probably the most productive physically. scott walker’s og is more tiring than walker kush but also more euphoric and smells slightly better. walker kush still smells better than most buds though

i like this better than some of the stronger strains out there. i gave this 4 stars before but it s better than 80-90% of the other buds at the medical dispensary. slightly tiring but not overwhelming. decent taste and smell. euphoric and pretty positive, although maybe not as much as harlox and blue azure, which are probably my two favorite buds there. blue azure is more productive, and harlox is just as tiring. scott walker kush is good for relaxing, but it isn’t as unproductive as more than half of the buds out there. harlox is more covert i think. but this is more covert smell of the bud and bloodshotness compared to something like buddha’s sister or sweet tooth. the high isnt as long, which is both a good and a bad thing. scott walker’s og and scott walker kush are similar, but scott walker’s og is more tiring, but more euphoric

scotts og is slightly better and platinum bubba kush is one of the best ive had from here. walker and scotts are slightly more sleepy high whereas the bubba is more of a trippy body high like ak. all three give euphoric feelings and taste great

Walker Kush is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain create through crossing the classic Albert Walker X Rare Dankness #1 strains. It's pretty ironic that this bud is named “Walker,” when all you'll want to do after toking is kick back and chill. The high starts with a calmin… ]]>