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  • June 26, 2017
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Here are the cannabis butter basics:

Cannabis butter is a great basic ingredient that rounds out delicious cannabis-infused edibles. This THC infusion requires an important initial step. Firstly, THC is activated to enable the psychoactive properties of cannabis. In other words, THC must morph from its acidic form to its psychoactive form. We achieve this by heating cannabis at a low temperature. This initial step is called decarboxylating or decarbing. Once your THC is activated, it is time to infuse your butter with this elevating ingredient.

Of course, it is very important to properly dose cannabis butter. Do not over saturate your butter with THC. It is possible for over consumption to cause uncomfortable feelings. Subsequently, our cannabutter recipe is carefully dosed. It is our intention for this infusion to create an ideal high. This recipe is very easy to follow. Please stick to the recipe guide to create this cannabis infusion for optimal results.

Are you wondering what to do if you do not enjoy the taste of cannabis?

Unfortunately, not everyone loves the taste of cannabis. Follow this primary step to lessen the flavour of cannabis. Grab a cooking pot, and fill it half way with hot water. Add the measurement of cannabis required by the recipe to this hot water. Let the cannabis soak in this water for 8 hours. You are now ready to begin the recipe. Do not stress, THC is not water soluble and this process will not take away any of its potency. This process maintains the integrity of the THC in your cannabutter while dampening its earthy flavor.

What dishes will my cannabis butter complement?

Excitingly, you may swap your regular butter out for delicious cannabis butter. I other words, any recipe that requires butter is can now contain your THC butter. Suffice to say, cannabutter may be used in sweet THC edibles, cannabis infused lunches, and weed dinners. Cannabis infused butter is an exciting add to every meal!

Let’s Get Cooking!

Carefully follow the step-by-step recipe below. Please partake responsibly. Be sure to let us know how you are enjoying your cannabudder on Facebook or Instagram. Hit us up in the comments below!

How to make a simple Cannabis Butter (Cannabutter) at home. This basic cannabis infusion is a THC edible staple. Easily sub butter for cannabis butter here! ]]>