weed doodle

Paddy Gower On Weed signed ‘doodle’ up for grabs on Trade Me

“This is the first and only piece of art I have done.” Photo credit: Trade Me / Newshub

An original hand-drawn doodle signed by Newshub National Correspondent Patrick Gower himself – is up for grabs on Trade Me.

The artwork ‘On Weed’ listed on Thursday, shows a marijuana leaf outline drawn on a crisp white canvas.

“This is the first and only piece of art I have done,” Gower told Newshub.

“I put a lot of effort into drawing the plant I have great respect for. I spent hours and hours looking at weed before drawing this.”

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“THIS IS F***ING ART OK,” is written at the bottom of the picture in reference to a viral video from 2014.

In the video, a library-goer stood up and said, “this is the fucking library!” to which Gower replied, “this is the f***in’ news”.

A remix of the video later went viral.

Gower drew this prized artwork for Roger Farrelly of The Rock, who kindly donated it to Red Beach School to be actioned as a fundraising item.

The current bid starts at $80 and all proceeds will go to Red Beach School in Auckland’s Hibiscus Coast.

The listing closes on Thursday, October 15 at 7:30 pm.

All proceeds will go to Red Beach school.