weed in iceland

Weed in iceland

Europe’s cannabis scene is advancing at a rapid pace. While Germany recently announced plans for legalization in 2017, other top pot consuming nations, like Amsterdam and Iceland, still have a ban on the potent plant.

In fact, Iceland is home to the world’s largest per capita population of weed smokers, a staggering 18.3% according to the World Drug Report.

Read on for 4 more things you probably never knew about weed in Iceland.

Flying High

As previously mentioned, weed is federally illegal in Iceland. That doesn’t, however, stop 420-friendly tourists from scoring bud abroad. MBL reports that savvy visitors are hopping online to have the goods waiting for them upon arrival at Keflavík International Airport.

Coincidentally, Iceland is home to one of the only European airlines to fly into every major U.S. weed tourism city including Port­land, Seattle, and Den­ver.

What’s In A Name?

If you’d like to blend in while in Reykjavik, there are generally three grades available: “Marri” is low-quality, “polli” is medium-grade and “riger” is the top-shelf stuff.


One-eighth of an ounce of high-quality buds can cost $175 — in the U.S., one-eighth costs anywhere between $30 to $60.

Bud Over Brew

For a whopping 75 years beer, yes beer, was illegal in Iceland. While other spirits like wine and vodka were legal, beer didn’t become legal until 1989.

Perhaps banning brew enticed youngins to try out bud.

The Nordic nation has a unique relationship with cannabis.