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Weed Me, a Canadian cannabis producer, boasts growth in sales.

It may be unusual for a company to be sold out of product ahead of actually producing it, but that is precisely what is happening at Weed Me.

Toronto, ON, Canada, April 02, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — There is a shortage of high-quality cannabis, and, as a result, licensed producers (LPs) are turning to Weed Me to fill the gap. According to Ed Jamieson, Weed Me’s CEO, “Weed Me’s product is constantly sold out in advance to various other leading cannabis companies”.

Founded in 2016 by Terry Kulaga and Benny Presman, Weed Me anticipated the need for high quality indoor grown Cannabis products for the emerging Canadian cannabis market. Weed Me cultivates its cannabis in small “clean rooms” which have fully-controlled environments, without the use of soil, chemicals, or pesticides.

“Not every cannabis product is the same, even if it is the same genetic strain. It is the production methods and quality control procedures that set the product apart. That is why companies and consumers favour our product,” says Terry Kulaga, Co-Founder & COO of Weed Me.

Weed Me’s medical cannabis pre-rolls are produced using premium cannabis flower and do not include any stems, trim or shake. Approved patients can find a selection of Weed Me’s pre-rolls, including offerings from the Dutch Passion brand, on the online platform.

Weed Me also offers seeds for medical users who wish to grow their own plants. Weed Me provides what is known as “auto-flowering” seeds – which grow in most conditions – as opposed to regular feminized seeds that require special attention

“We’re constantly looking for a variety of quality products for our valued patients,” said Aaron Bouganim, Managing Director of CannMart. “As the leading online marketplace for legal medical cannabis in Canada, and the first company to be awarded a sales-only licence from Health Canada, we’re focused on high quality products and strong supplier relationships. Weed Me is a great supplier. We currently offer Weed Me pre-rolled products and expect to launch additional Weed Me products in the future.”

About Weed Me Inc.

Weed Me, established in April 2016, is a leading Canadian Licensed Producer that has the exclusive Canadian rights to Dutch Passion genetics, with some sixty strains. Weed Me’s vision is to enhance lives through the provision of high quality medical and recreational cannabis. Located in Pickering, Ontario, the company focuses on developing unique formulations and cannabis strains that meet the needs of recreational and medical users. Weed Me leverages the company’s production facilities and clinical data to minimize operating costs while developing unique strains and formulations.

It may be unusual for a company to be sold out of product ahead of actually producing it, but that is precisely what is happening at Weed Me.