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41 Best Marijuana Logo Designs & Graphic Templates (Using a Cannabis Logo Maker)

If you’re looking for cannabis graphics or marijuana logos, you’re in the right place.

One of the many marijuana leaf logos available at Placeit

There are two sources for creating first-class logos. One is Placeit, an online cannabis logo maker that provides you with hundreds of awesome cannabis graphics and helps you to customise them quickly and easily.

The other is Envato Elements, which is a great resource for those with a good knowledge of Adobe Photoshop who have the skill and time to spend on customisation.

Let’s start by taking a look at Placeit.

Easy Customisation and Unlimited Downloads at Placeit

Placeit is an affordable online design generator that makes premium professional branding, promotion and marketing tools accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level. What makes Placeit so indispensable is:

  1. Easy to Use: Placeit provides design novices, as well as those with more experience, with high-quality designs, logos, videos, and mockups that they can customise online and download in a matter of seconds.
  2. Unlimited Downloads: One of the great things about Placeit is that it is designed to suit a range of budgets. If you regularly need mockups, logos, and various designs, you can sign up for a low monthly or yearly plan. This gives you access to unlimited downloads of any and all of the digital assets available at Placeit.
  3. Affordability: If you’re on a budget and can only afford to buy one digital resource at a time, then you can create the design you want and pay a small fee to download just that one design.

Now let’s take a look at how easy it is to use Placeit.

How to Make a Marijuana Plant Logo Using a Cannabis Logo Maker

1. Navigate to Placeit’s Cannabis Logo Maker

2. Enter Your Business Name

The cannabis logo maker will update the templates with your business’s name. Look through the templates and choose one you like.

2. Change the Text

Starting on the left side of the cannabis logo maker, you can modify your business title and any additional text you care to. Here you can also change the font style and colour.

3. Customise the Graphics

When you’re done, move to the right side of the cannabis logo maker to choose a graphic for your logo, or you can upload your own graphic. You can also change the colour of your graphic to reflect your brand or taste.

4. Download Your Cannabis Graphic

When you’re happy with your image, you can download it for a small fee. And just like that, you can create a cannabis graphic in a couple of minutes.

27 Best Marijuana Logo Designs at Placeit

Now let’s take a look at the 27 best cannabis graphics at Placeit.

1. Medical Marijuana Logo Maker for a Medical Cannabis Company

If your business is selling marijuana for medicinal purposes and you’re looking for a marijuana business logo, take a look at this cannabis logo design. You can customise the colours, text and logo as much or as little as you need to in order to make the template consistent with your brand.

2. Logo Generator for a Cannabis Infusions Store

Makers of cannabis infusions will love this template, which provides you with cannabis logo designs that you won’t be able to resist. Choose the graphic that most appeals to you, then choose your font and add your business colour scheme, and just like that you have a new logo for your business.

3. Hemp Logo Generator

This weed leaf template can be used with different types of businesses that make and sell marijuana products. The elegant cannabis logo sits on a solid background, while the name of your business fits boldly under it.

4. Weed Logo Maker

Cannabis brand logos can take many forms. For example, this one is more abstract than the others we’ve shown so far. A great choice for businesses that sell a number of different marijuana-derived products.

5. Cannabis Logo Generator

Need a more straightforward marijuana leaf logo? Well, here it is: a bold and simple illustration of a marijuana leaf against a solid background, paired with bold text. You have complete control of the customisation of this template, so exchange the logo with another offered by the template if you don’t like it. Change the text and colours until you are satisfied with the results.

6. Logo Maker for a Cannabis Desserts Market

Cannabis startups will be very happy with this template, which is designed specifically for bakeries that incorporate cannabis infusions in their baked goods. Choose the weed graphic design you like the most, add your text and colour scheme, and in no time your new cannabis company logo is ready for download.

7. Logo Template Featuring a Cannabis Extract Dropper

Need a CBD logo for your new shop? Check out this retro logo, which borrows its style from old chemists’ shops. Use the graphic provided or experiment with others provided by the logo to see which you like best.

8. Logo Template for a Cannabis Edibles Shop

Do you make or sell cannabis-based snacks? This cannabis brand logo may be just the thing you need. The template offers a number of cool images, so take a look and take your pick.

9. Logo Template Featuring a Cannabis-Infused Tea Cup

Here’s a terrific weed graphic design for cannabis tea makers. The template features a lovely illustration of a teacup with a cannabis leaf poking over the top. This graphic is surrounded by text where you can place the name of your brand and other relevant information.

10. Logo Template for a Cannabis Edibles Brand

CBD brands will appreciate this simple and classic marijuana leaf graphic, surrounded by equally classic text. Add your company info, adjust the template’s colour scheme to reflect your brand, and your job is done.

11. Weed Logo Maker for a Cannabis Dispensary

If you’re a dispensary looking for a simple but stylish logo, check out this marijuana dispensary logo. The template offers a range of cannabis leaf templates that you can choose from to find the illustration that most appeals to you.

12. Cannabis-Themed Logo Maker for a Munchies Store

If you create cannabis-infused treats, you may be looking for the perfect cannabis logo to market your products. How about this cookie and marijuana design? After you add the name of your company and choose the text you like the most, change the colour scheme to reflect your taste.

13. Hemp Logo Maker With Weed Icon

The delicate vintage illustration is inspired by the illustrations from old-school chemists, and it’s a great choice for a contemporary marijuana dispensary logo. Add your text and brand colours, and you have a terrific logo ready to use.

14. Logo Template for a Cannabis Sweets Bakery

An awesome marijuana business logo for a bakery that specialises in cannabis-infused baked goods, this template is easy to customise. Keep this splendid graphic or choose one you prefer, add your business name and change the colours of the background, graphic, and text, and your job is done.

15. Cannabis-Themed Logo Template for Chocolate Munchies Products

If you’re a cannabis startup combining chocolate and marijuana in interesting ways and need just the right logo for your new business, check out this chocolate cannabis graphic. It features an illustration of a chocolate bar with a marijuana leaf graphic on the outside. Customise it as much or as little as you like to make the template your own.

16. Weed Logo Maker With a Cannabis Leaf Icon

How fabulous is the illustration on this cannabis leaf template? This terrific marijuana plant logo can serve a number of businesses that specialise in cannabis-infused products.

17. Weed Logo Maker for a Cannabis Shop

It doesn’t get more simple and straightforward than this logo. If you are a minimalist and want that reflected in your marijuana business logo, this is the design for you.

18. Cannabis Logo Maker for an Organic Market

Create your own unique weed designs when you use the marijuana logo maker to modify a marijuana design template like this one by adding a graphic of your choice, your company details, and your brand colour scheme.

19. Minimalistic Weed Logo Maker

Simplicity is key in good design, and it doesn’t get more simple than this stunning design, which combines a dancing marijuana leaf graphic with bold and eye-catching text against a contrasting background.

20. Logo Generator for Marijuana Products Brands

Bring a chilled out vibe to your cannabis company logo with soft colours and delicate graphics. This cannabis leaf template is a great illustration of just that, with its wonderfully dusky pink background, minimal touch of florescent green for the graphic and small area of secondary text, and the bold but elegant main text.

21. Logo Maker With a Minimalistic Marijuana Clipart

Add a bit of creative flair when you choose this weed design for your marijuana business logo. Add clean, strong text and an appealing background colour, and you just like that you have a simple and tasteful design.

22. Cannabis Logo Maker With Simple Marijuana Icons

Here’s another example of a simple and tasteful weed graphic design which follows the same principles as the marijuana business logo above. You can scale the text and the graphic as much as you need to create the balance between the two that you prefer.

23. Elegant Logo Maker for a Cannabis Products Brand

If you’re a luxury brand looking for simple cannabis brand logos that reflect your brand identity, you may like this template, which combines a simple but stylish graphic with clean and bold text. All you need to do is change the colours to reflect your brand, and your job is done.

24. Online Logo Maker for a Bong Shop

Cannabis startups planning to open up a bong shop and looking for the perfect logo will appreciate this cannabis logo design. All you need to do to customise it is add your business name and adjust the colour scheme, and your marijuana design will be ready to download.

25. Medical Marijuana Logo Template With Weed Symbol

This cannabis logo design is specifically for medical marijuana businesses looking for just the right logo to represent their brand. Customise the logo in a matter of minutes using the marijuana logo maker.

26. Logo Maker Featuring a Cannabis Beer Graphic

Do you produce cannabis beer and cannabis-infused beer? Then you’re going to need a great logo for your product. Check out this cannabis graphic designed specifically for cannabis beer makers. Use the marijuana logo maker to customise it as much or as little as you like.

Unlimited Downloads at Envato Elements

Envato Elements is an excellent source for top-quality cannabis leaf templates. Like Placeit, one of the advantages of this service is that it offers you thousands of gorgeous graphics, and you can download as many as you want, as often as you want, for one flat monthly fee.

That monthly fee also allows you to access thousands of other premium digital assets like fonts, graphic templates, mockups, photos, business card templates, and much more.

The main difference between the two services is that with Envato Elements you need to have a working knowledge of Adobe software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc., whereas with Placeit you do not.

Let’s take a look at the best marijuana business logos and graphics available at Envato Elements.

15 Best Marijuana Logo Designs & Graphic Templates at Envato Elements

1. Cannabis Marijuana Leaf Logo

This cannabis logo vector is a versatile choice for a number of businesses. The files are fully editable in Illustrator and can easily be scaled without losing quality. A help file is included to assist you.

2. Marijuana Sport and Esports Logos

This somewhat comical marijuana plant logo is a great choice for sports teams looking for a new logo. The package contains both AI and EPS files which you can edit using Illustrator.

3. Magical Green Cannabis Logo Template

This beautiful marijuana logo vector is a terrific option, whether you’re running a bakery that specialises in marijuana-infused treats or a business that offers medical marijuana. The package contains EPS and AI files that are fully editable in Illustrator.


MARIJUANA Cloud is a fully editable and scalable cannabis logo vector. The files are delivered in AI and EPS formats, and links are provided for all fonts used in the design. Use this clean and modern template to create a marijuana leaf logo for a wide variety of businesses.

5. Heaven Weed Logo

This simple weed leaf template is a great choice for cannabis startups looking for a stylish logo for their business. The EPS and AI files are fully editable using illustrator, so you can change just about every element of the logo to really make it your own.

6. Releaf

This interesting interpretation of a marijuana leaf graphic is another versatile design that can be adapted to any business. Just add your text and change the colours to match your brands, and your logo is ready to use. This cannabis logo vector is delivered in fully scalable AI and EPS files.

7. Cannabliss

Cannabliss is a variation of the cannabis leaf template above. This version uses a more colourful background, a rounder font, and a heart at the centre of the marijuana leaf graphic instead of a cross. A nice alternative to the previous design. The cannabis logo vector is also delivered in fully scalable and editable AI and EPS files.

8. Naturalis Logo Template

This cannabis leaf template offers a modern, minimalist approach to logo design, which makes it incredibly versatile and adaptable for a number of businesses. The Illustrator files are fully editable and scalable, and a help file is included.

9. Health Plant Logo Template

This marijuana leaf graphic is another simple and modern template that you can customise quickly and easily using Illustrator. The cannabis logo vector can be adapted to suit many businesses.

10. Cannabis Angel

Cannabis Angel is a clever combination of an angle and a marijuana leaf graphic. The cannabis company logo package contains versions for different backgrounds, horizontal and vertical arrangements, and one colour mode. The EPS and AI files are easy to edit using Illustrator.

11. Cannabis Logo

Stylish, simple, and modern are all words that describe this marijuana logo vector perfectly. Edit the EPS and AI files using Illustrator to change the colour and text of the graphic.

12. Cannabis Logo

CBD brands looking for a stand-out marijuana logo vector will love this terrific logo, which is offered in both EPS and AI files. Both are fully scalable and editable, so you can change the colour and text as needed.

13. Health Green Logo Template

Use this cannabis graphic to build a brand for your cannabis startup. The clean and modern marijuana logo vector is available in both AI and EPS files.


Create a distinct and distinguishable brand with this weed leaf template. The cannabis logo vector is, of course, both scalable and editable using Illustrator. Add your business name and adjust the colours as needed.


An excellent marijuana dispensary logo that references the language of a test tube, this simple but impressive marijuana design is super easy to customise, providing that you have a working knowledge of Illustrator. You can scale the vector file and edit the text and colour.

Make Your Own Cannabis Logo Design Today

That’s it for your list of the best cannabis logos available at Placeit and Envato Elements. Now that you know how to make your own logo using the Placeit marijuana logo maker or a marijuana logo vector from Envato, why not create a cannabis graphic and share your design with us in the comments below? We’d love to see what you come up with.

And if you’re interested in other designs, check out these handy roundups of the best resources in different categories that you can find at Placeit and Envato Elements:

If you're looking for cannabis graphics or marijuana logos, you're in the right place.There are two sources for creating first-class logos. One is Placeit, an online cannabis logo maker that… ]]>