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Cannabis growing containers designed for optimal growth and healthy plants.

Why HC Containers for Growers?

  • All your growing container needs, from starters to finished containers to sustainable options, in one place
  • Automation friendly with durable rims and easy denesting
  • Supports a healthy root environment essential for proper nutrition, aeration, water intake and drainage
  • Locally manufactured and ready for immediate delivery across North America

Container Variations

Many times, growers new to the industry will turn to containers that are readily available and often utilized for other horticulture markets. But while the selection might seem endless, not all available containers are suited for the unique growing conditions of cannabis. We’ve created a list of the most popular container choices and the pros and cons of each.

Sustainable Containers

Fiber containers provide an optimal solution for propagation, as the entire pot can be planted safely into a larger container without disturbing the root system. The composition of the container will decompose over time, allowing the roots to naturally expand in their new environment without any negative effects to the roots. Saves time on transplanting, is durable for hardy growing cycles and is available in numerous sizes and styles.

Rapid Stack™ is the next generation of plant technology, allowing for quick and easy transplanting with no root shock to the plant. When the plant outgrows its container, the bottom is easily and cleanly removed, exposing the roots. Then, simply stack it on top of another container (or in the ground). The roots will naturally grow down and out to fill the new space provided. With no stress put on the root system!

The HC Companies is the source for cannabis growing containers. Download our catalog to see the variety of pots for growing marijuana.