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Seedbank Reviews All known seedbanks and shops at one view. At the left you will find the SeedFinder rating from green to red, the average user rating you will see at the right side and some more Do you agree with WeedSeeds .site's star rating? Check out what 234 people have written so far, and share your own experience. This website has some great sounding strains and super deals…Anybody ever done business with them ? If you did how did your purchase go? Or if you …

Seedbank Reviews

All known seedbanks and shops at one view. At the left you will find the SeedFinder rating from green to red, the average user rating you will see at the right side and some more information you can find below the list. Order the table by clicking its titles – and click at the seedbanks to get some more detailed info and to read the user reviews.

SeedCops List :: All Seedbanks


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shop name Rev.
ACE Seeds 4
Alchimia 481
Alibongo 45
Amsterdam Seed Center 33
Azarius Smart- & Headshop 20
Bonza Seeds 266
Buddha Seed Bank 1
Bushdoctor 15
Canna-Seed 52
Canna-Seed.com 10
CannabisSeedsForSale – Haze.io 57
Cannapot Hemcy 173
Cheeba Beans 27
Chu Majek Growshop 39
Dinafem Seeds 26
Discount Cannabis Seeds 33
Discreet Seeds 31
Dope-Seeds.com 67
Dr Chronics Seeds 5
Dr. Green Store 18
Dutch Passion 28
Female Seeds 22
Germination Station 27
Green House Seeds 17
Green Parrot Seed Store 27
Growshop Aliën 14
Hanf Station 6
Herbalist 10
Herbies Head Shop 163
Homegrown Fantaseeds 2
Humboldt Seeds 2
ILGM 1132
Indras Planet 17
Kiwiland 19
Lighthouse Store 3
Linda Semilla 374
London Seed Centre 37
MyCannapot 24
Nirvana Shop 109
Oaseeds 735
Original Seeds Store 108
PEVgrow 45
Paradise Seeds
Royal Queen Seeds 73
Samenwahl 244
Sannies Shop 74
Seed City 1418
SeedSupreme Seedbank 463
Seeds24 66
Seeds66 1084
Seedsman Ltd. 142
Send a Seed 31
Sensi Seeds 65
Sensible Seeds 369
Spliff Seeds 8
Suzy Seeds 127
Sweet Seeds 4
TH Gifts
The Attitude 137
The Flying Dutchmen 1
The Old Farmer Seeds
The Real Seed Company 22
The Single Seed Center 54
The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store 116
United Seedbanks 70
Zamnesia 63
BC Bud Depot 102
DNA Genetics Online Store 8
Everyonedoesit 10
Hanf & Hanf 60
La Mota 25
Master of Seeds 49
The Hemp Depot 46
Weedseedshop 40
00 Seeds 7
2 Guns and a Guy Seed Company 2
207 Genetics 2
420 Cannabis Seeds UK 3
420 Seeds 20
420 Shop 2
A B Seedy 1
Advanced Seeds
Alchemik 1
All Best Seeds 3
All Salvia 2
All Star Genetics
Amnesia Seeds 1
Appennino Farm 1
Area51 Seedbank
Avalon Headshop 1
Avalon Magic Plants 1
Barneys Farm Shop 25
Best-Budz 1
Big Island Genetics 5
Biotops 7
Brotanical Gardens 1
Bulk Seeds 17
Campo di Canapa 1
Canna Collective 3
CannaBioGen 2
Cannabis Seeds Company 1
Cannabis Seeds Outlet UK 11
Cannabis Seeds Store 2
Cannabislandia Growshop 6
Cannasemillas 10
Cannaventure 1
Castle Marijuana Seeds 5
Catalyst Creations 1
Clone quest 1
Coastal Mary 2
Coffee Shop Seeds 3
Cogolandia 1
County Line Genetics 3
Demon Seeds 8
Dr. Underground 1
Dutch seeds 1
El Cogollo 1
Empire Breeding Co 1
Energenetics Old World Farm 1
Exotic Seed
Experiencia Natural 1
Expert Seedbank 1
Fancy Weed 1
Farmers Lad Seeds 1
Fast Buds 4
Fatbush Seeds 1
Female-Seeds.co.uk 5
Firestyle Seeds 1
Flower Power Granada
Freedom of Seeds 5
French Touch Seeds 2
GTA Seed Bank 12
GYO Seedbank 3
Garden of Green 3
God’s Garden Genetics 1
Gorilla Seed Bank 26
Grass Company 1
Green Dream
Greenman organic seeds 2
Greenpoint Seed Bank 4
Grizzly Seed Bank 8
Grow Solutions
GrowHigh Head Shop
Growshoponline 1
Guru Seeds 3
Hanfoase.at 1
Hawaiian Budline 1
Headshop Vision
Headsite.com 3
High Grade Seeds 21
High-Stone Shop
Higher Minds Headshop 1
Highlife Seedbank 18
Holenderskiskun 1
HollandSeeds 3
Homegrown Cannabis Co 3
Houseplant 4
Hypno Seeds
Imagine Growshop 2
Irish Seedbank 2
Just Feminized 24
Kannabia Seed Company 7
Kaya Barcelona
KillaBeez SeedBank 9
King Genetics 1
La Buena Hierba 1
Leaf Life
MJ Seeds Canada 43
Mallorca Seeds 1
Mandala Seeds 8
Marijuana Grrowshop 1
Marijuana Seed City 1
Marijuana Seed Shop 29
Mary’s Seeds 42
Midweek Song 17
Midwest Mountain Seed Bank 2
Ministry of Cannabis 15
Mossm Seeds 2
Motherland Genetics
Mr. Hanf 5
Mundo Growshop
Neptune Seed Bank 3
No Mercy Seeds
North Atlantic Seed Company 7
Nucleus seed bank
Obaragraines 3
Oregon Elite Seed Bank 4
Oregon Green Seed 18
PCG International 3
Pacific Seed Bank 26
Paddy Seeds 31
Peakseedsbc.com 5
Planta-T 1
Popular Seeds 12
Pot Seeds 3
PowerCogollo Growshop 1
Premium Seed Market 11
Pua Mana Ohana 13
Quebec Cannabis Seeds 1
Reeferman seeds 7
Rhinoseeds 5
Rocket seeds 1
SantYerbasi Growshop 4
Satindi 2
Seed Cellar 7
Seed Madness 10
SeedHeaven 27
SeedMasters 7
SeedStockers 4
Seedbank.com 1
Seeds Here Now 6
Seeds and Clones 1
Seeds of Love 1
Seeds of Love 1
Seeds.city 31
Semena Konopi 1
Semilla Dorada Growshop
Semillas Low Cost 2
Semillas a tu gusto
Sibaritas Growshop
Snail Seeds 1
Soma Seeds 4
Southern Oregon Seeds 54
Stealthy Seeds 16
The Bean Lodge 1
The Dank Bank Canada 5
The Maria Shop
The Seed Exchange 1
The Seed Source 2
The Strain Supply 2
Titan Seeds 9
Toronto 420
Toronto Cannabis Seeds
Tropical Seeds Company 7
True North Seed Bank 13
Trump Seeds 5
UK Seed Bank 1
Upper Canada Seed Bank 5
Vancouver Seed Bank 21
Viva Sativa
Weed Guardians Family Tree 2
Weed Seed Express 1
Weed Seeds Thailand 1
Weed World 4
Wietzaadjes.nl 6
Yervagüena Growshop
Dr. Greenthumb 42
Favoriteseed 5
Pakaloco 1
Shayana Shop 30
Canadian Seed Bank 15
Cannazon 17
Dutch Seeds Shop 92
High Supplies 71
Phatty Seeds 17
THC Bay / THCFarmer 53
1000Seeds 162
Amsterdammarijuanaseeds 36
BC Seeds 19
Buy Dutch Seeds 44
Canadian Hemp Company 77
Cannabisseeds.com 33
Marijuana-Seeds.nl 71
420 Kingston 3
AB Seeds 1
Beaver Seeds 2
Bio-Tecnic Grow Shop
Bushplanet Seedshop
Canadian Seed Exchange
Canamo Discount
CannaSeeds.dk 10
Cannabis Bud Beans 1
Cannabis Seeds Ireland 19
Cannabliss 1
Cannamed 1
Cannaseur Seeds 1
Chillout Seedbank 2
Danktuary.co 2
Dr. Green Seeds 3
Dutch-Seeds 4
Dutchseedsbank Amsterdam 6
Easy Seeds 4
Firestax 57
Froebanken 5
Grass Granada
Great Canadian Seeds
GreenLife Seeds Company 5
GreenTown Growshop
Greenmove Seeds
Groking Seeds 2
Hanf.ws / Eagleseeds / Chanvre.ws 30
Hanfsamen Österreich 1
Hempatia 4
Hightimes Seedbank
Hybrids From Hell 8
Indoor-grow.at 3
Irie Vibe Seeds 1
Kannamania 8
Kaya Donostia
Kaya Growshop 1
Kind Seed Co. 10
La Ganja Loca 13
MariaMarkt Growshop
Medic Seeds 3
Montreal Cannabis Seeds 4
Montreal Seedbank 36
Nano Seeds
Nguni Seeds 7
Old School Breeders Association 27
Phat Seed Bank 1
Pick ‘n’ Mix Cannabis Seeds 42
PlanetSkunk 4
Pukka Budz 15
Regseeds.com 7
Reliable Seeds 3
Royal Canadian Marijuana Collective 19
SOL Seeds 1
Sativa Sister
Scorpions Seeds
Sea of Seeds 25
SeedDoctor 1
Seedboutique 16
Single Marijuana Seeds Canada 5
Sinsemilla Online
Skunk-froe.dk 2
THC Talk Shop
The Cloud Farmer 3
The Weed Seed Company
The green world garden
Tienda Maria
Weed City
Weed Seeds 2
Zenseeds 5
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WeedSeeds .site Reviews

Excellent, my second order this year. Most seeds quickly sprout and became strong plants.

Good stuff

I hot my seeds quick and afterparty 48 hours my seeds are in the pot allready i was suprised..thnx

Nice site for seeds

Nice site for seeds!

Prices are good even without extra Costs for sending.

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Seeds look good, can’t wait till i harvest

I like how they pack the seeds and…

I like how they pack the seeds and everything, very professional

Order took 2 months to arrive

Order took 2 months to arrive. I asked 2 times about info. 1 time I used the email address indicated on the site. No reaction. 2nd time I asked info was with the system provided on the site, but also no reaction.
No problem that a delivery is delayed, but it is not a big deal to warn the customer about this. Especially if info is asked 2 times.

Reply from WeedSeeds .site

Good day Lieven,

Our apologies for this, we have emailed you but without our knowledge, a number of people did not receive the email.
Afterwards it turned out that our ip number of the server was reported as a spam sender (we never do that), because it is on that list, the mail can then be blocked by spam filters at e-mail providers, without you or we being notified. . We now have a different IP number and all e-mail sent by us should reach you.
We would like to point out that our site is attacked daily with so-called ddos attacks, because of this our site can be offline for a while but will always restart and come back online.
Please contact us by e-mail or whatsapp if you have any questions.

they arrived quickly I still have to…

they arrived quickly I still have to germinate them and then we’ll see.. I think it can’t be until April or so….a little explanation description would be so nice

Is ok now

all ready receive my item

Reply from WeedSeeds .site

Updated Feb 28, 2022

Dear Adrianus, the package was sent by us 3 weeks ago, it is indeed taking a long time before it is with you. Unfortunately, this is sometimes possible due to covid. We will contact you tomorrow after checking with Postnl.

Update: We have not heard from you again, would you like to let us know whether the shipment has arrived correctly?

Please contact us by e-mail or whatsapp if you have any questions.

I will look up your order and make sure it will today be shipped again.

Please check the email I sent to make sure your adres is correct.

Good prices fast delivery

Good prices fast delivery .

From the first 10xseeds about 7x died my own fault. Next 10xseeds 3xgood 1xmale 6x died .
Last 10xseeds until now about 6 are growing so fast in a short White. .
We will see!
And I Will be here Next year if results are ok!

Bad Seeds

Delivery was perfect and on time.
But I received a bad seed its been more than 4 weeks and still de seed has not germinate.

Quick delivery.

Quick delivery.
Good quality seeds.
My only peef was a packaging,but other than that great service.

Excellent service

Excellent service, fast en with care, save delivery!

Good reliable seller

Good reliable seller
5 star

alles goed geregeld

alles goed geregeld, netjes ingepakt, en alles in orde bezorgd, bij contact vriendelijk en goede informatie meegekregen..
everything well arranged, neatly packed, and everything delivered in order, friendly and good information received upon contact..

Great service and perfect…

Great service and perfect communication, order was not completely on stock but good alternative and quickly send

Perfect service!

Fast and discreet delivery

nice and good shipped

Very fast delivery and great advise…

Very fast delivery and great advise given
Thnx alot WeerSeeds

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As good as can be according to me

Well, the seeds were there within the day, two days later germinating and four days later they popped up above ground, good reachable by phone, can’t think so fast how they can do it better so that’s more than good enough for me.

Fantastic service and quick delivery

Reply from WeedSeeds .site

Many thanks for your feedback, we wish you a great harvest! Greetings!

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WeedSeeds.site is uw cannabis zaden shop voor het veilig online bestellen van wietzaden. WeedSeeds en haar medewerkers zijn van menig dat het zo nu en dan recreatief nuttigen van wiet geen kwaad doet. Dat is inmiddels ook al meerdere malen wetenschappelijk bewezen. WeedSeeds is van mening dat mensen met pijn en andere medicinale behoefte aan wiet in alle vrijheid wietzaden moeten kunnen kopen. Denk wel na over waar en wanneer u teelt. Teel en gebruik geen wiet in de buurt van minderjarige en bezorg geen overlast aan buren en omwonende. Voor al uw vragen over het zaaien en de groei kunt u altijd op de site terecht voor uitgebreidere informatie over de teelt van cannabis. Stuur een bericht als u het antwoord nog niet kunt vinden. Alle post wordt altijd snel beantwoord door medewerkers met een enorme passie voor alle wietzaden. Bekijk zelf ook het assortiment in onze shop op WeedSeeds.site u heeft keuze uit: Cannabis seed Variations: Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, CBD, Hybrid, Feminised, Autoflower, Regular. We do not encourage (someone) to do something or to engage people in illegal activities. The germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in many countries. Cannabis seeds are sold as keepsake, for educational use and to preserve the DNA genetics for the future.


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  • 5644 EC
  • Eindhoven (Nbr)
  • Netherlands


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This website has some great sounding strains and super deals…Anybody ever done business with them ? If you did how did your purchase go? Or if you just wanna put your 2 cents into a comment …ILGM is my go to seed bank but looking to change things up if the seeds at this company are worthy of trying…working with small budget and the deals are good enough for me to grow 3 different stains for 3 separate grows with a mix of seeds on all 3 grows…The deals here are the only thing making me think about switching…Thanks

Lots of red flags there:

“500+ Souvenier Strains”, but I don’t see any info about their breeding process.

Auto strain descriptions that were clearly copy-pasted from photoperiod versions and haven’t been updated.

Supposedly having strains whose descriptions are missing a lot of details I’d expect.

The site looks like most other seed wholesalers’ sites (Grower’s Choice, ILGM, Crop King, Rocket Seeds, etc.), but a particularly half-assed version. I don’t get why people buy from these sites.

Also pretty expensive, given the above.

We always keep a post about breeders and seedbanks pinned to the top of the subreddit. You’re better off getting auto seeds from breeders that specialize in them. I’d recommend against buying from ILGM, too; they’re probably our second most frequently complained about seed vendor here.