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Top Signs You are a Weed Snob

While on the search for Weed Snob Wednesday content, I stumbled upon an article entitled ‘6 Things Only Weed Snobs Do’ but the last one upset me- “Weed Snobs Give Up Flower.”

Glass on glass bongs are my favorite, with a bowl packed full of inspiration!

Okay, I understand some really Weed Snob folks think that smoking weed is for the uneducated or unrefined, but I would have to disagree.

Weed, bud, cannabis- is where this discussion, industry and culture stems from!

It may have evolved greatly, but what gave it life is what pushes me every day in this industry- a plant and its magical properties bringing so many different people, their own happiness, relief and solutions.

From healing, to awakening and uniting powers: seeing, smelling and dissecting the bud is pretty high up there on my list of happy activities..

A sparkly bud that you can smell before you even open the bag. Weed that is so sticky or dusty from trichomes that you can’t even believe it is real. Cracked open to allow even more aromas and terpenes to jump out at your nose. I love discussing the smells and flavors that will hit, for me- that is what being a Weed Snob is all about, and that process couldn’t begin without a beautiful nug to get us started.

So because of this passion and a little rage sparked inside, The Evergreen Market needed our own Top Signs That You are a WeedSnob. The staff spoke and we put together what we think is a pretty full list. We hope you enjoy!

You know the label means nothing- you have to look, smell and taste your buds to know their strength!

Percentages aren’t everything!

Weed Snobs know that looks are a beautiful thing, but you have to smoke the weed to know its true potency- same goes for the percentages. Besides the THC content, terpenes and other cannabinoids intermingle to create ‘the entourage effect,’ which increases the potency of the THC, CBD and other terpenes and cannabinoids versus if they were to stand alone.

I have smoked cannabis labeled 30% that didn’t get me nearly as high as another product labeled 14%- you just have to try it! A real Weed Snob will tell you- Percentages are nothing!

You can see and taste a good flush.

White and grey ash is ideal, anything darker in color like black ash or uneven burning means nutrients the plants were being fed weren’t properly flushed out with water in the last few weeks before harvest. You may be tasting pesticides and chemicals from those added nutrients to the plant to promote growth and a larger yield.

You can also hear and see a bad flush. Sparks, or a crackling sounds is another sign of a bad or nonexistent flush.

Peace, Love & Cannabis!

You are a lover and advocate of the cannabis culture.

You know that the portrayed characteristics of a stoner aren’t true- you know you are a productive member of society. You also know better than to judge a book by its cover or an individual by the way they enjoy their cannabis, all delivery methods are welcome!

Being a Weed Snob means you know what works for you-and you may enjoy sharing what you have learned with others, but you also respect everyone in their cannabis journey and how they choose to enjoy the plant. Stoners are diverse!

Terpenes make Shaq happy!


This one is very important. You have heard of the entourage effect- you know that it is not only THC that gets you high- you also know that to get the benefits from properties like CBD, you NEED at least some THC to help carry and bind best to your own body’s chemistry.

Terpenes are the aroma and oils that give different cannabis or even foods such as fruits and vegetables, their distinct flavors and smells. Limonene, commonly found in lemons, for example, is known for its therapeutic traits of anti anxiety and relaxation. So strains like Super Lemon Haze are also great for making you feel happy and even giving your body relief- despite being considered a sativa!

What are your favorite tools to smoke with?


This one is a big one- everything from the puff, puff PASS to always passing to the left, there are rules that all stoners should know.

One that I live by is always burning just a corner of the bowl, to give everyone smoking the ability to get as “green” of a hit as possible.

When rolling a joint, blunt or spliff, make sure you don’t over moisten the paper with your saliva. We’re here to smoke, not make out.

The one who rolls it, sparks it-“You roll, you light.”

Now, what do I do with these?

We live by a higher standard.

Weed Snobs push themselves to find or associate with other individuals that are educated and well-informed about the product they are consuming. Education is key!

You use cannabis effectively.

Weed Snobs know what works for them. You dabble with it all. You have a little bit of everything and for example, love making a salad bowl that perfectly balances some of your favorite strains for their specific and varying qualities.

It’s also about those little things…

From glass on glass bongs for impeccable suction, to hemp wick to taste your weed better and not inhale butane, Weed Snobs have their quirks. They may carry extra papers in their wallet, or use the q-tip cleaning method- these small details make enjoying cannabis, that much better. It’s like tasting that fresh beer from a tap in a frosty mug- nothing compares!

Use Q-tips to clean off residue from your hot nail for a fresher hit on the next one!

You love smoking bud!

Because opening the jar or bag to get that first whiff, pulling out nugs and cracking them open to smell even more of that terpene profile, or looking at all the THC crystals, is pretty close to falling in love..

You love breaking up the bud or doing a low temp dab to experience all the flavors and aromas.

We love dense, sweet buds like these.

Keeping a smoking journal can help determine what works better for you- and even look for trends in your preferences!

Knowledge is the number one tool.

Weed Snobs know master growers and the cannabis they bred: strain genetics- and they don’t mind dropping some knowledge on you too!

Educating each other and being open to learning something new to further propel the experience is what it’s all about.

Sharing the knowledge, just like the bud, is another way to unify our community and continue open communication, which is important in this emerging field.

When you want to share your weed…

But not just because sharing is caring, because you know how tasty it is want everyone else to know it too. You want more of that good stuff- SHARE THE LOVE!

You get what you paid for.

You know better than to dab something black in color and call yourself a Weed Snob, and you know that something budget friendly or bottom shelf is probably that for a reason. TopShelf life for clean ash, great taste and powerful aromas.

Weed Snobs know there is always something else to learn, or another strain to try. Because our industry is so new, it is constantly evolving and changing. With all of these moving parts, we are so glad some things will never change- like the experience of sitting down to try new genetics with a new piece- Your Journey Starts Here!

Whats a good time look like for you?

Written by Masha Brown, Social Media Specialist, The Evergreen Market

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