weed strains purple dragon

Weed strains purple dragon

Purple Dragon Strain

Hybrid – 50% Sativa /50% Indica
THC: 21%, CBD: 1%, CBN: 1%

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Perfect balance; a VERY hard thing to get right with a strain. Can’t recommend enough.

Great taste ? great for stress and anxiety. I would recommend at night Indica effects kick in right away.

The one and only time I ran across purple dragon, it had the perfect wine aroma and great flavor to match. I dont know why they say this is a great seller, I’ve not seen it anywhere but a head stash grow of a grower who wanted to prove a point to some visitors 🙂 Would be a great cut to cross with the real OG

This is excellent for cancer patients. Having breast cancer this strain has worked the best to help with the effects of chemo.

Purple Dragon is a mixture of Blue Dragon, a sativa-indica hybrid, and Purple Urkle, a powerful indica favorite. The exact balance of indica and sativa is unclear, but it's known to be indica-dominant, producing calming but euphoric high with happiness, drowsiness, and powerful hunger. The effect…