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Definition – What does Clone mean?

In marijuana cultivation, a clone refers to a plant that is an exact reproduction of an original parent plant (mother plant). The term is most often used to describe adult plants and strains, whereas the term cuttings is used to refer to clones that have yet to be rooted and begin to grow.

In science speak, cloning is the process of asexually propagating cannabis plants to create genetic copies (clones).

The process of making clones (cloning plants) is very common in cannabis propagation because it is a budget-friendly method of propagation and is considered faster than growing plants from seed. Plus, it results in plants with the same genetics and predictable growth habits as the healthy, desirable plant in which the clones have come from.

It should be noted that hybrid strains, which are the result of cross-breeding two separate strains, are only able to reproduce via taking cuttings and making clones.

MaximumYield explains Clone

The most common type of cannabis clone is created via a plant cutting, but tissue culture is also a viable method used by some commercial researchers.

To clone a plant by taking a cutting, a grower simply takes a stem cutting that is about five inches long from the parent plant using sharp, sterile shears, a razor blade, or even a knife. It is best to cut the stem at a 45-degree angle. To ensure successful propagation, make the cut around half an inch above the leaf node.

Once the cuttings are taken, they should be given small amounts of fertilizer (if any at all), but a lot of humidity. Many growers also use a rooting hormone gel or powder to set themselves up for success. Cuttings are often housed together in something called a cloner or humidity dome. Once they begin to grow roots they can be transplanted into their new homes. Once they are rooted, the cuttings become clones, with the same genetics as the plant in which it originated from.

Cloning cannabis plants is straightforward and does not require extensive gardening experience.

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