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Put Your Cannabis Fan Leaves And Trim To Good Use

No need to throw out your cannabis plant leftovers! You can use cannabis fan leaves and trim to make everything from cannabis creams to hash. Read on to learn how to put your entire cannabis plant to good use.

After months of anticipation and careful cultivation, you have finally harvested a load of bud. Many nugs look ripe for use but your work is not yet over. You have all this organic material left from your plant. Resist the lazy impulse to just throw it out. It makes much more sense to maximise your use of resources from both an environmental and economic point-of-view. It is, in fact, possible not just to make use of the rest of the plant, but put it to extremely good use. There will be plenty of leaves left over.

The fan leaves won’t have much psychoactive THC in them. The “sugar” leaves are ones that still glisten with trichomes, suggesting a high-THC content. You can use them in your smoke but it won’t be as smooth. Better to group them with other leaf waste that you can then repurpose in a variety of helpful ways. Here are eight ways to get the most out of your grow.


1. Homemade Topical Cannabis Cream

Have you ever heard of absorbing cannabis through your skin? The cannabinoids enter your system directly through patches and creams. You can try making your very own topical cream from the leftover leaves of your cannabis plant. You won’t feel the psychoactive effects, but the health benefits of dozens of cannabinoids will be yours. Grinding up your leaves as fine as you can, they can be infused into a fat like coconut oil. Then the resulting balm can be applied to the skin.

2. Gather Trichomes For Skuff Hash

If you’re looking for something stronger, there is an out-there technique for getting the most potency out of your material. Hash oils are made in all sorts of ways. ‘Skuff’ is the term for when you are starting off with leftover leaves and trimmings. If you dry out the leaves, find the ones that still have the trichomes, indicating THC content. Then, not unlike the powder that deposits in some grinders, you can harvest these for the ‘skuff’ you can use use to make hash oil.

3. Use Trim And Leaves For Your Edibles

Trim can also be used in the preparation of your edibles. Any leftovers, especially sugar leafs with THC, can go into the preparation of canna-butter. Infusing cannabis into a fat like butter or coconut oil allows you a lot of flexibility in the recipes you can include them in. The leaves themselves can also be simmered in milk for a few minutes to unleash their flavour and aroma. Then this “canna-milk” can have some medicinal and nutritional benefit as part of your warm tea.

4. Savour The Cannabis Flavour With Sprinkled Herb

Another way to include fan leaves in your culinary adventures is to use them as a herb. As in, just sprinkle them finely onto whatever you’re eating. We recommend the sort of savoury delights that are tweaked significantly by the herbs you use. Pizza, pasta and salads could be livened up by a sprinkling of these herbs. Just grind them up really well and see how they impact the flavour of your meal. With some psychoactive residue, they may even cook into the oil of the food. Worth investigating at any rate.

5. Make An Extract

Get creative with extracts you are capable of making. With leftover cannabis leaves, there are a number of ways you can distill them to try and boost what impact you can. Weed oil can be prepared and even placed in capsule form. Tinctures are also increasingly popular among medical users. These can be made by soaking leaves in a strong alcohol like vodka for at least four weeks. When it’s ready, the cannabis will have dissolved in the alcohol. Airing out the jar can release some alcohol and concentrate your mixture further. Then pour it through a sieve and you’ve got tincture ready to use.

6. Vaping Dry Leaf Material

Vaping is a healthier option than smoking – it’s gaining many converts. Electronic vapes for dry herbs are now available for a range of competitive prices. You can put your leftover herbs into these vapes as well. With less psychoactive content, it will not be a strong hit. What if you are looking to space out your bud or stretch the amount you can get from one harvest? You will be able to make your stash last longer, which is helpful on a tight budget.

7. Make Your Own Rolling Paper

The rapper Joey Bada$$ famously uses large, dried tobacco leaves as rolling paper for his joints. This Brooklyn tradition creates a surprisingly smooth burn. Using leaves as rolling paper is not a crazy idea when it comes to cannabis either. Your large fan leaves could be dried flat so that you can have an all-natural surrounding to your bud. You could also explore letting the wrapped bundle cure like a cigar. This method can take some practice to perfect but if you do it’ll make sure you’re not letting leaves go to waste.

8. Composting Leaves And Trim

If all else fails, you can, of course, throw plant materials away. But because they are of an organic nature, it makes a lot more sense to compost them if you can. This will allow their nutrients to help the development of soil and other organisms depending on it. You should be reducing your environmental impact so why not start your own composting pile in your garden or greenhouse? That way the cycle of life will continue to do its work in bringing you the best bud.

Leftover fan leaves and trim from your cannabis shouldn’t just be thrown away. There are many ways to put them to good use. Find out more in this article. ]]>