white fire og strain

White fire og strain

White Fire OG is a cross between “the White” and Fire OG. It is my absolute favorite strain. In fact, it seems anything crossed with the white is pretty darn awesome. But again it isn’t white rhino which is a derivative of white widow. Its the white, an old mysterious strain from Florida that used to be called Triangle. It’s not easy to find bc of its mysterious origins.

Damn! What can I say this is one of my all time favorites, great buzz and body high, then Indica kicks in, good night! Nice, you won’t regret it!

JungleBoys cut (Fire OG x The White) tested at 31%+ THC. Strong / dank / gassy / Smooth ..wait for it.. Lung expansion is killer! As the name indicates its very trich-laden. Surprisingly it did not make me overly sleepy although my eyes narrowed to thin slits after a while. All in all its a great strain and I would highly recommend it. I give it an A+

It put me to sleep but I woke up clear headed and kept a decent buzz. Good for sitting back and relaxing!

Wow man this power house lived up to it’s name. I have not have either of these strains in bud form until now. I’ve been loving my white rhino vape, but was excited to try this combo and it proves to be a masterpiece. The flavor is very earthy and dank and leaves you craving more with it’s bold flavor. The high was just as amazing. Instant mood life and euphoria quickly followed by one of the most complete body relaxes I’ve felt with a good indica. The power and flavor are there. This one kept me pretty quite after a couple minutes though. may not be a great social weed. But if your gonna chill and maybe snack then this is an A+

White Fire, also known as “WiFi OG” and “ White Fire OG,” is a slightly indica dominant hybrid (60% indica/40% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Fire OG X White Rhino. White Fire is one bud that should not be underestimated – with a super potent THC level and high-powered effec…