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White Widow Hydro Fog journal

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Started some WW beans, the germed good in a custom fogging setup, i’ll post picture later of that when i setup my germ area in my grow room.

set up a hydro room with 600watt Sunmaster MH, mylar and a 110liter/min air pump, the seedlings were yellowing and the stem was purple so i started them on nutes yesterday at 1/2 strength

I plan on keeping a grow log here, see how things work out and maybe people can help me if i run into any trouble

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Made a few temporary adjustments to the hydro system. Using a submerable water pump with two 360 sprinklers until the water chiller comes in today then i’ll be making it a DWC with water just touching the bottom of the net pots.

The chiller is a ecoPlus chiller amde for hydroponics, 1/10 HP. Should keep the water chilled all the time at the perfect temp (68F). This should be my final addition to the system.

My main concern is getting the roots long enough to start the vigorous growth. You can have the coolest hydro setup, but if you don’t start with making the roots grow your plants wont do doodoo. Some roots are long, i’d say myl ongest one is 4inches. Im using rapid rooter plugs, this medium is hard to over water and has a great air-to-water ratio.

After i setup the water chiller and all i’ll post up some more pics, also turned off the AC to see if the temp would get too high, for now the temps are good, about 81-83F

wish me luck, any comments or suggestions are welcomed

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sorry no pics, everything is still the same, the water chiller didn’t come yesterday, i was kind of upset. Im going to go pick it up today, but as of now i dodn’t even need it, i might end up selling it, but i’ll hold on to it for a little bit just in case.

i took out the fogger because it was heating up the res too much. I emptied the res because the fogger heat turned the res water to a dark brown when it was carmel milky the other day (1 days time). So i made it DWC

I put about 12 gallons of RO water in the res, added FF nutes both grow big and big bloom @ 1/2 stregth. Leaves are still in good shape just yellowing, but the leaves are pointed slightly up towards the light and still have growth, i can see more of the second set of leaves now on most of the seedlings. I raised the HID so that it is about 2ft, really bright powerful light has said to bleach the color of the leaf. Both res temp and ambient are great. I also lifted the rapid rooter pluug a bit more from the bottom of the net pot, they now sit about 3/4 – 1in above the bottom of the net pot. I have the DWC water just covering the bottom of the net pot. Topped the soil plant, first time topping so we’ll see if it work for me. I have three 4×10 micro fibre klin burned air stones with a 110 litre/min air pump, LOTS and LOTS of air bubbles. I’ll take some photos when things start to green up and roots find the DWC water

I have a smasll movie i made, but i don’t know where i can upload it

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Plants look good this morning when i woke up, they are healing from the yellowing along with starting on their third set of leaves. Balanced PH back to where it needs to be.

Doing a little Experiment, i took 1/4 strength blooming nutes 0-6-4 and put it in a gallon of warm water. I read somwhere giving seedlings a little warmth ensures a health lifespan. So i ph’d the water and added it to three of the now 9 seedlings. I had 8 at first but another one that i had germinated came through so i decided to through it in with the rest.

I watered the rest as to none of them have roots yet touching the DWC water. I took water from the res and watering the plugs with that. Will see how they look later, maybe along with some updated pics

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day 5(11/20) pictures, sorry for the delay, have been real busy doing things around the house, but finally made some time to take pics

also added a new sprout to the crew(see last pic)

Started some WW beans, the germed good in a custom fogging setup, i'll post picture later of that when i setup my germ area in my grow room. set up a…

1st time, white widow fem auto hydro

Growing this was pretty hard as it was my very first grow. I had seed issues, only 50% success rate with popping the seeds as I ended up with 3 out of 6 popping (2 grew upside down, lol). Had heat issues. Let rockwool run dry for a day. Let basin run dry for a day. Had an unmanageable jungle burning my buds on the cfl light. Etc. But it was a lot of fun, very challenging and I’m doing it again!

Just used a little of this, it’s really for my next grow.

I liked using this but it was a lot to mix up every week. I am interested in trying something easier next time.

Хорошо. Так что это был действительно большой опыт для меня. Это стало хобби. Я хочу поблагодарить всех тех, кто участвовал в my grow. Комментарии, ответы на my вопросы и предложения действительно сделали большую разницу! Я бы не справился без тебя. Я начал с 3 растений, и только один сделал это. (Я лучше знаю, чтобы просто grow по одному сейчас).

Обрезка – это не весело. Это заняло навсегда. На самом деле это было весело в течение первых двух часов, лол. Таким образом, вы можете заметить, что почки выглядят обрезанными по-разному. Это нарочно. Я хотел попробовать некоторые из различных методов, о которых я читал. Обрезка очень короткая и плотная, оставляя больше листьев на почки, и, наконец, просто положить 2 или 3 ветви с минимальной обрезки. Я также сушу my попкорн в бумажном пакете.

Это было большим достижением для меня. Я всегда хотел grow вать my растение, как для отдыха, так и для лечебного использования.

Почти забыл упомянуть, что я нашел разбросанные amber трикомы среди всех my молочных, поэтому я выбрал сегодня урожай.

Отчет о дыме: он был невероятно гладким, и мне очень нравится этот штамм. Без замка на диване. Вроде, у меня интроспективный и очень расслабленный.

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