why do i twitch when i smoke weed

Can You Smoke on Twitch?

Last Updated July 7, 2020

When it comes to streaming on Twitch, you want to make sure you follow all the Terms of Service. You might also want to light up. are you allowed to smoke on Twitch?

Can You Smoke Weed on Twitch?

Smoking weed during a Twitch stream is allowed if you live in a country or region where marijuana is legal. In fact, Snoop Dogg smoked a blunt in 2018 on stream, just a few months after it was legalized in the state of California.

If you are located somewhere where it is illegal you are not only in breach of Twitch’s terms of service but you may face criminal prosecution if reported. Regardless of your location or local laws in the current Twitch environment, it is highly advised that you don’t smoke it on stream as it is still very controversial.

Can You Smoke Cigarettes on Stream?

Smoking cigarettes is not against Twitch’s terms of service but they also advise against it. Therefore it is best to take a break from streaming to smoke, smoke offscreen, or simply turn off your camera feed for the duration.

Can You Vape on Stream?

It is far more common to see someone vaping on stream than it is to smoke. Twitch’s guidelines don’t prohibit it, but they do advise against it. The likelihood of you coming into trouble for vaping is low, but if you are worried (or don’t want to put off certain viewers), try to vape off-screen.

Set Stream for a Mature Audience

Make sure to mark your streams for mature audiences. Don’t influence kids to drink or smoke. While you have very little control over who stumbles into your stream, do what you can to prevent underage viewers from watching.

Don’t Bring Attention to Smoking on Twitch

To minimize the negative effects of smoking on Twitch, don’t bring attention to it. If you are treating it the same way you would treat a snack or a RedBull, most people won’t even notice that you are smoking. Others will be less likely to report you for what they deem is drug use.


Remember that you need to know your limits and don’t go overboard. While you are allowed to drink on Twitch, excessive drinking may be seen as self-harm if you pass out or do something stupid. Don’t drink for donations and stay safe.

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Can you smoke on Twitch? This post goes over the rules on whether you can smoke cigarettes or weed or vape while you are streaming. ]]>