wifi og

Wifi og

I gotta say, there is weed and then there is WEED! and the WEED is far and few between. This shit is WEED! OMG! (lmgdfartfo) U C, when the best of rec and med effects saunter up from the abysmal stew of delicious cannabinoid profiles, well, you get WiFi’d. which is way stoned with a special kick in all the right places. I suffer serious chronic pain and the last week as been fucked, real bad, yet, thirty minutes ago I took four big hits and BAM! pain is gone, depression is gone, spirits are high, my mind is buzzing with random riffs and rhythms (guitar) and a desire to write meaningless, yet useful rantings on a site called ALLBUD, which is where no one partakes in cannabis whatsoever. What? Oh fuck, here comes the musings yet again.. But, in closing, my bud smelt like dirt when it was ground, but tasted as reviewed above, very tasty, relatively smooth, and PERFECT FOR YOUR FIRST EVER CANNABIS EXPERIENCE. BUT HOLD ONTO SOMETHING, CAUSE YOU ARE GONNA NEED IT! Peace

Wifi OG, also known as “White Fire OG” or simply “Wifi,” is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid (40% indica/60% sativa) strain created through a cross of the infamous Fire OG and The White strains. If you haven't tried Wifi OG, you're in for one crazy ride. With its insanely powerful THC level th…