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A weed or a wish?

Ligia Montani
Oct 8 · 5 min read

Would you look at this disaster? I mean the whole yard the whole yard is COVERED in these, these weeds! I though we took care of this issue last year. Do you know how long I spent trying to get rid of these wretched weeds!

My friend is referring to dandelions. I smile and nod in the way I have been conditioned to, showing empathy to her plight and fruitless battle with the robust dandelions.

In a way, I get it. We wo r k, pay the bills, maintain and build these lawns to “look” a certain way. But I can’t help but think the “weed” covered lawn is less about the invading plant and more about what it says about us… We are careless, messy, the eye sore of the neighborhood, we will infect other lawns with our vial plants. I am no stranger to unearthing a dandelion. I mean, we all have to play along right?

Secretly though, I see it a little differently.

The most common name bestowed upon the humble plant I wish to talk about today is a weed.

A weed is defined as: a plant growing where it is not wanted, a plant that is not valued and one that in competition with cultivated plants. One that is veracious and obnoxious in its growth and reproduction.

To me a dandelion represents life, rebirth, and growth.

As a little girl growing up there was a vast field as my playground.

I remember as I brushed my hands through the tall grasses, the sun warm on my face, lost in thought. A drifting dandelion seed wisps across my nose. I’d watch it there floating, spinning slowly almost dancing along the current of the breeze. My hair tickling my ears, I’d reach out to catch the little wonder in my hands.

Only to send it in a tailspin further away.

The chase was on.

My grandma told me once dandelions hold our dreams. Dandelions are the best of listeners. They take our wishes to where they need to be.

I had to catch my dandelion. I had to make my wish. I had to tell it… I had to tell it the thing I wished most…

Though dandelions in our culture have gained a reputation for being a pest, a nuisance… dandelions hold a history of medicinal and nutritional benefits stretching back to ancient times. They were used to cure vitamin deficiencies like scurvy, aid in digestive ailments and detoxify the kidney and liver.

Somewhere a long the way we have forgotten the gift of the dandelion. I would even venture if your yard is littered with them maybe it’s a sign you need them that much more.

Aside from the health benefits dandelions hold a message.

Dandelions are about spreading life far and wide. We don’t realize the impact of our everyday actions and how they provoke change in people we will never even see.

They are a symbol of hope, or growing a vision. Dandelions remind me that every dream fulfilled every success, every achievement, every luxury and piece of technology we have today began as a simple wish that grew in the heart of its creator.

Dandelions are a symbol of hope to grow we need to wither and break apart from who we were and spread out.

The dandelion makes due with minimal resources and create a new life wherever it lands!

Maybe when we feel life is falling apart we need to be that dandelion. Maybe we are not falling apart maybe our seeds are just falling into place.

My hands clasp around the delicate seed and I cup it close to my chest not believing my luck. That seed was sent to me. In a breathless fervor I breathe hot into my palms whispering the very thing I want the most. “ I want to be just like you… flying, I want to dance and make wishes come true…”

I wish to leave you with these three thoughts, I pray that each time you lay eyes on the pappi of a dandelion you remember to:

Keep wishing, keep hoping for a better tomorrow, let those wishes frees into the breeze. Plant them everywhere.

B. Atkinson once said: the dandelion does not stop growing because it is told it is a weed.

The dandelion cares not what others see.

And the only difference between a flower and a weed is the judgment we place on it. Maybe we need to judge the weeds in our lives a little less and see them as being something more. Recognizing their value, unique beauty, acknowledge their life giving seeds.

A weed or a wish??…I choose a wish.

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“One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” -Abraham Maslow

Would you look at this disaster? I mean the whole yard the whole yard is COVERED in these, these weeds! I though we took care of this issue last year. Do you know how long I spent trying to get rid…