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Earthworm castings tea?


just mixed one up an hour ago.
this is for a five gallon bucket with an air stone

4 gallons RO or dechlorinated water
3 cups worm castings
3 cups humus (gh ancient forest)
3 cups quality amendment (vermiblend)
60 ml molasses (earth juice hi brix)
15 ml humic acid (whatever brand at full strength)

bubble for 24 hours and then strain. mix one cup per gallon of water or nutrient solution and use immediately. all you really need in this recipe is either the castings, humus, or amendment along with the molasses, dechlorinated water, and air stone. basically the castings provide the bacteria, the molasses feeds the bacteria and the air stone ensures beneficial aerobic bacteria. any chlorine in the water will kill off bacteria. i add humus and amendment for the diversity of microbes and fungi they add. without them just use double the castings. adding fish hydrolosate is supposed to feed and promote more fungi. be careful not to buy fish emulsion by mistake like i did last week.

the same recipe works through veg and bloom because there really isn’t much NPK in it. most of the nutrients in the castings aren’t water soluble so they stay in the sludge that you strain. so the tea isn’t a plant food so much as a super soil inoculate. it just seems like a food because the plants suddenly start utilizing all of the activated nutrients in the soil.

anyone use this on there outdoor crops? anyone know a good recipe for veg?